3 comments on “HARRIET TUBMAN

  1. I had this is the queue prior to the Harriet Tubman blog – seems appropriate to add it
    as a comment now.


    I believe I’ve made mention previously of an Irish friend I had and his penchant to employ the word fierce as descriptive of commitment.
    Fierce at first glance is assumed to be aggressive, even dangerous, but that isn’t necessarily true, and so I’ve employed the same term in describing the level of commitment I and others may have when it comes to family, loved ones, work, the environment, or any number of other things.
    In that context fierce becomes interchangeable with passionate, dedicated, and devoted.
    Commitment can exist in a state of flux buffeted about by memes, peer pressure, or merely going with the flow, and becomes a false narrative that may facilitate this going with the flow.
    Such commitment is neither fierce nor passionate, it is at best luke warm, but luke warm doesn’t boil water nor affect change.
    To say live strong or stay strong can conjure up a variety of mental images – it even sounds good doesn’t it?
    Live strong, as though each of us are the singular captains of our own ship – each of us are our own man or woman not subject to the vagaries of life nor those who hold the reins of power.
    That’s something of an illusion, as individuals our strength is finite and reduced in large measure to the immediacy of our own orbit, and to a degree our own communities.
    The greater the physical or economic distance that exists between this personal orbit and the seat of power whether it’s concentrated in the halls of government or the board rooms of corporations the less influence, the less strength we have.
    Metaphorically speaking we become like Samson, shorn of hair and in some cases blinded.
    An awareness of this prompts people to seek strength in unity, and that can be a very good thing, albeit conditional as to what it is we unify behind.
    Officially sanctioned unity as in political parties is deemed a good thing by the parties involved but also dependent on the party itself and what their particular “vision” may be.
    So when I say be well and stay strong I do so as a way of saying be of good spirit, do the right thing,
    and live with the passion of commitment.
    Be strong in these things and seek the unity of the like minded – confront what is wrong and pay forward every good thing that comes your way.

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