4 comments on “LEONARD PELTIER AND ” I WILL “

  1. Testified at the 2009 Lewisburg parole hearing and know for a fact that Peltier’s public admissions of guilt and culpability as well as the absence of any semblance of remorse were presented.

    (Excerpt from 2009 Editorial Essay…recognizing now that Matthiessen has passed away)

    Peltier’s scant three witnesses were an eclectic lot: Peter Matthiessen parroted his standard fare chronicled in his questionable reporting within “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.” That his tome is embarrassingly sophomoric and not only fails to convince but inadvertently makes a strong case for Peltier’s guilt, mattered little. Matthiessen dug himself a deep hole and cannot climb out. Another witness spoke of philosophical benefits of the Peltier case bringing Native American issues into social consciousness-let alone that a double murder was the catalyst, and from the third that he has a Reservation home and a position as an elder waiting for him. The problem with this offer is that traditional Indian elders were looked upon as having grown to complete men, had accomplished much in life and acquired wisdom beyond their years. Instead, Peltier has hijacked that heritage and tradition by offering himself as a self-appointed noble warrior and becoming a false prophet of sorts; and genuine Native Americans understand that.

    It was interesting though that when my testimony was finished, knowing full-well that Leonard Peltier was painfully aware of how much the NPPA had been in his face for the past nine years, that I was the only one he acknowledged. After thanking the hearing officer I got up and headed for the door when I heard something behind me. I couldn’t tell if it was, “Hey Ed,” or “Agent Woods,” but I turned and saw Leonard smiling and waving goodbye. Perhaps it was his half-hearted attempt at humor or sarcasm. It didn’t matter. I waved back, “Take it easy Leonard.”


    (P.S. Matthiessen, like Redford, had to live with the lies of Mr. X, but apparently being humiliated by Peltier mattered little.)

    • I believe the entire dynamic would change if
      the records in question were released.
      Peltier may have an offer of a place to live
      but an elder in the traditional sense is bs.
      It is in large part the lack of a knowledgeable
      social consciousness and awareness of traditional
      values when it comes to native issues and the
      realities that allowed AIM to get away with multiple
      murders and led to the promotion of Peltier as the
      poster boy.

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