• Only those who refuse to see the forest
      for the trees and those who prefer sugar
      over reality.
      If the shoe fits then it fits.
      So allow me to ask you a couple of questions.
      Do you find it inherently wrong for a woman,
      any woman, to accept money from a mysogynistic
      nation like Saudi Arabia, especially one seeking
      the highest office in the nation?
      And do you support Clinton’s candidacy?
      I’m a long time advocate for women’s rights,
      that’s been made evident throughout various
      blog posts – but what’s right is right and
      what’s wrong is wrong, no free passes based
      on gender or the perception of political

      • Yes I do believe it’s wrong and yes I have been a supporter
        though I have begun to waver in my support for Hillary lately.

      • Then you’re not alone, as national polls continue to
        indicate her supporters find her untrustworthy by a
        large percentage.
        Combine that with the blog topic and a lot of people
        should be wavering to the extent of withdrawing their
        In this push to elect a woman president I don’t think
        it serves a viable purpose to throw the baby out with
        the bathwater, or in this case kick an abused woman or
        rape victim under the bus whether in this country or any
        other on the basis of money and influence peddling or
        political aspirations.

  1. We do not need to say we are feminists, it is enough to say we are women.
    We are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives.
    You do not need to be a man or a woman to know this right from wrong and we say if feminists will not say accepting this money is wrong they are wrong and do not speak for us.

  2. Correct, the ‘Sisterhood’ has just become another ‘Brotherhood’ acting on behalf of the wealthy. Look at all those feminists who complain about ‘male privilege’ and they themselves all come from privileged backgrounds (Emma Watson, Laurie Penny etc and of course Harriet Harman). They complain about ‘patriarchy’ in secular Western cultures where it doesn’t exist, but ignore it in those countries and cultures (within our own countries) where it does. Although I don’t live in London, I have to say that I am profoundly depressed that the city which fifty years ago was once one of the most liberal – in the true sense of the word – in the world, now has a Jihadi-sympathetic mayor. I despair.

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