1. We had never thought of it in this way rezinate, that clemency for Peltier is condoning but we agree and say you right.

    • There are situations when clemency is warranted,
      at least in my opinion, but all things considered
      I don’t believe it is when it comes to Peltier.

  2. I firmly believe theda was the pig based on what I knew. And it makes perfect sense. nothing done until she has Dementia in or abou 2003 and is put in nursing home. she is never indicted. she is never indicted even though 2 different judges rule her competent in 2010. I have asked for FOIA docs on her from every conceivable field office, and DC. Nada, Nothing, No Docs. No way that can be true. I just haven’t had time to follow up. It explains why the feds have always had to stay away from this case or it would turn into what happened in boston with the irish mob and the fbi. I will get back on trying to prove this but I need time. I don’t know what paul thinks, don’t know if I ever discussed it with him. everyone else blows me off and looks at me funny. Of course I am a funny looking guy.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire

    I don’t believe leonard is guilty of any wrong relative to anna mae. relative to the FBI agents. I don’t have a clue. I do know, and have always stated, he didn’t get a fair trial. He got screwed on parole, and they screwed him on the 9/03 10th circuit parole hearing, especially when the 1oth circuit acknowledged wrongdoing.

    This commnent confused me: And how can you stand beside such a man unless your true motive is to subtlety undercut him(them)? I may be giving you too much credit here?
    Let me be clear, my only purpose is to set forth what I understand and the points I am trying to make. I will tell you that I am very involved in the anna mae matter, for one reason, I represent Arlo and represent him zealously. I can only represent him because there is no conflict between him and leonard. So, what I do in the anna mae case is to show a light on the truth as I understand it, and to represent my current client. I can tell you again, I have never implicated or insinuated that Leonard had anything to do with her death.

    So how come you and Kuzma never got the FBI documents? Probably because it would prove exactly what you’re hinting at. It would reveal the operatives and the the plans and would prove that the FBI are essentially responsible for the deaths of their own agents in Oglala as well as for the murder of Anna Mae.

    If you look at the history, I was trying, with mike to get the informant files from the FBI. If you read what we wrote, especially what I wrote, and I wrote an article for leonard stating this that was published in counterpoint, that if we could find one informant infiltrating the defense committee or leonard’s defense he had a key out. The court denied our motion. I left in 3/07. Leonard retained kuby. On appeal, kuby dropped (look at the appellate brief) that argument and waived it. apparently kuby called mike and had him argue it at the last minute. But I/mike were intently going after informant/operative docs, gov wouldn’t produce, and lower court denied. It was kuby who waived that argument on appeal when I was no longer involved. I don’t hold anyone’s hands. I have interviewed many many people and have the copies. I have most of bob robideau’s work. I have acquired FBI docs from Hendricks and every other source I can get. I formed my own opinions and frankly many of my opinions as to what occurred are different or I have been able to enlighten others. I believe there was informant/operatives involved in anna mae’s murder. Why has theda never been indicted. I have a lot of info on her. “tough old broad” she is called but I think she played for other team and knew a lot.

    I honestly don’t know what everyone else is trying to achieve. I am trying to help arlo, I am trying to bring out the truth, and ultimately find out who the operatives were. Read prices’s deposition in the mathiessen case. And I think it is quoted in the second edition of mathiessen. There was a non-indian provocateur involved in jumping bull according to price. I have to find the exact quote (my crap is all over the place, no not literal crap though you would say it is actual crap). He doesn’t name anyone but gives clues to his identity.

    As far as anna mae, I can say out loud, if I didn’t shame on me, I believe leonard is innocent of the murder of anna mae. as for the agents, one is innocent until proven guilty. He was not proven guilty by a fair trial which is the basis of our system. Clearly I have said that. factually, I don’t know. so under our system, logicially, I can say he is innocent.

    You may or may not respect me. that is your choice. But, there is much much more substance to my thoughts that was said in that short presentation. Thank you for letting me explain. This is better than the name calling in which I previously engaged. That is disrespectful of me, and earns me no respect and shouldn’t. I don’t believe I answered everything because I am on way out and running. I am sure there is more to add or explain. But look at the briefs we tried to get informant docs, we should have got them. the court should have at least looked to see if there were informants and if there were given us the docs.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire

    • Well, you’ve posted this before and we’ve been over it – what you fail
      to mention is that Bachrach had his fill of Peltier and walked away after
      this email was written.
      Do you think that among the reasons for doing so in view of his involvement
      in Annie’s case is that he knows Peltier interrogated her at gunpoint?
      Knows or suspects he had a hand in the decision to murder her,
      came to know Peltier’s guilt at Jumping Bull was too egregious to ignore?
      That the lies and myth became too much?
      Theda Nelson Clark may well have been an informant, if so and being a Russell
      Means relative one might ask if it ran in the family as Means has been outed
      as an informant no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
      So Means was an informant and had to save brother Bill where the call came to
      murder Annie and Theda – could it be possible that’s a reason why Theda was
      never indicted?
      Good ‘ol liberator, patriot, Russell secured some slack for both of them?
      Bachrach appears to acknowledge that Theda had dementia – if true there’s no way
      any defense would not have challenged her as a witness and she undoubtedly
      would have been disqualified.

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