One comment on “CONNECTED

  1. I’ve heard a lot of this carping when it comes to the Viet Namese – how the government “gives” them everything – money, loans, housing, etc.
    And as the story is told it’s all done preferentially.
    BS in my opinion and ignores the fact that this country contributed greatly to the destruction of their’s, so an argument could be made allowing them to immigrate and initially assisting them is a form or reparations.
    Immigration is one of those hot button topics, but if one is to assume it is a fact of life then surely if a tyrant like the Shah of Iran is allowed in then victims of a U.S sponsored war should be as well.
    Reparations were made in the 80’s to the Japanese who were interned for no good reason during WW2 and lost everything.
    Reparations have been called for by the indigenous people of this country and Afro Americans.
    Reparations in effect come in the form of “nation building” following a war – blow em’ up then send corporate America in to rebuild and make money.
    You might want to ask Hillary about that, who advised her corporate friends in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion that it presented a business opportunity.
    After a couple of decades of war in Viet Nam the French were fighting to maintain their colonization
    they pulled out.
    This was met with JFK sending in “advisors” and the rest is history – escalation, carpet bombing, Agent Orange, thousands upon thousands of lives lost and destroyed to culminate in a withdrawal that effectively handed the country over to the opposing side.
    Personally I don’t see that anything was accomplished anymore than invading Iraq did.
    So yeah, seems to me if you assist in destroying a country aiding refugees isn’t a bad thing, and if having immigrated they make a go it of then good for them.

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