1. Disgustingly sad and pathetic. But we know they’re out there. Both sides of the coin, as Peltier plays the martyr and thinks he’s the lynchpin for reconciliation with the First Americans as the likes of Fonda selling his marginal artwork or Redford knowing he was lied to and still not getting it. Would like to see someone ‘out’ the the high bidder…odds are he’d be criticized as much as Zimmerman.

    • I’m a supporter of gun ownership and make no bones
      about it, but at the same time when I say gun ownership
      I do so in the context of responsible ownership.
      Responsible owners have ceded the public platform to
      “patriots” dressed in camo toting a beer belly and an
      assault rifle.
      An assault rifle speaks to other things.
      I’m not impressed and don’t believe anyone else should
      be by the costumes, a holstered sidearm for public display,
      or the rhetoric.
      Guns kill, they are expressly designed for that purpose,
      and make no determination on their own when pointed
      at something or someone.
      They aren’t toys or artifacts of manhood.
      But then we shouldn’t forget Peltier swears he wasn’t really
      shooting at anyone – just sort of kind of shooting in the
      general direction with no malice.
      As Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon” and “ignoranimus”.
      Outing the bidder would be a good thing and there are probably
      journalists and others working to that end.If exposed the buyer
      will probably claim it violates their rights.

  2. Again. The same old same old. Fronting for and protecting ” your boy.” But your boy imo is more of a criminal than Peltier ever was. It’s pretty clear that he was very complicit in the OKC bombing cover up and therefore all the heinous crimes that went along with this. Including murder. ( See Kenneth Michael Trentadue) Yet he still gets the ” red carpet” treatment from you? Unlimited posts and a side bar endorsement. Why? Just because he’s anti-Peltier?
    So with all this talk of, ” holding everyone responsible,” I’ve still yet to see one blog from you speculating as to who the HANDLERS were and what is being done to prosecute them for THEIR crimes. A lot of speculations as to who the suspected informants/operatives, were. But who gave them THEIR orders? Who from “leadership,” ( FBI leadership that is) gave them their orders and orchestrated their roles in these crimes? Richard J Held? Zigrossi? Trimbach? Price? Wood ( not WOODS) etc…..

    Yes. Murder is murder and it shouldn’t be celebrated. You and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to Peltier. I believe that he was wrongly convicted and is innocent. But what about when an FBI agent or law enforcement agent is guilty of ” aiding and abetting murder? Should they be “celebrated,” or granted immunity? Should they be given the bully pulpit of condemning others? You talk of informants and provocateurs. Do you believe that the FBI handlers of informants and operatives should be held accountable for the crimes that they commit under their command?

    In one explosive document from the FBI after the bombing, Trentadue points out, “Exhibit 2 is the SPLC Bombing Memorandum. The Court should note that there are at least two informants mentioned in this document. One is a Cincinnati cooperating witness for whom FBI Defendants assert the implied assurance of confidentiality exemption, but there is nothing in the record before the Court to indicate that this witness, who is Shawn Kenny, is entitled to that exemption. Of more significance, however, is the other informant at Elohim City, Andreas Carl Strassmeir.
    “There is no exemption asserted for Andreas Carl Strassmeir. This document is crucial because it reveals that McVeigh had a lengthy relationship with Strassmeir, a weapons and explosives instructor at Elohim City and that two days prior to the Murrah Building bombing, McVeigh had called Elohim City looking for help.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2005/11/33326/#SEUKOMooOKbqXmIJ.99

    “The FBI’s use of Kenny was illegal since Kenny was a member of the Army at the same time he worked on FBI domestic cases inside the US. FBI agent(Ed) Don Woods of Cincinnati is still protecting Kenny.

    The FBI’s use of a German National, Strassmeir, for domestic FBI operations is also illegal. FBI Director Louis can be held civilly liable for damages by OKC bombing victims for the illegal use of Strassmeir and Shawn Kenny. Don Woods can be held civilly liable for the illegal use of Shawn Kenny. Other FBI agents and officials including but not limited to FBI OKC SAC Bob Ricks, Senior FBI Case agent Jon Hersely, FBI agents Floyd Zimms, Odom, and James Carlisle, FBI OKC Bomb Task Force Inspector Danny Defenbaugh and Assistant Deputy Director Danny Coulson can also be held legally accountable for their roles in the OKC bombing IF evidence is produced that they intentionally violated laws and caused damages to bombing victims, witnesses and investigators.” Briley

    And This:

    “The government officials and agents involved are criminally and civilly liable because
    they did not have adequate fail-safes built in to warn the public or preempt the OKC
    bombing if things got out of control. Since they used provocateurs, they had a moral and
    legal responsibility to set up and use these fail-safes but they did not. Furthermore, some
    of these officials and agents criminally obstructed justice and perjured themselves in
    court and criminally withheld evidence to maintain a cover up and protect themselves
    from civil and criminal liability for their negligence.”


    • I’ve noticed that comments you make are automatically assigned to the trash
      bin, not a setting I chose, and so I seldom notice unless I’ve sent something
      there and then follow up to delete it.
      If you want to talk about fronting and protecting you’ve made a career of that
      with your boy Peltier and AIM.
      The amount of “protecting” I have done related to Wood is the same as I would
      afford to anyone in saying show me where he was involved with a single event
      related to WK2 or AIM’s multiple murder victims and I’ll be on it.
      I don’t think the criteria for protecting is met in doing so.
      If someone were to say you were involved I’d say exactly the same thing – you
      or anyone else having a problem with that should understand I consider that to
      be your or their problem.
      As to OKC I’ll say what I’ve always said when it comes to such things – anyone
      with any complicity should be held to account – something you’ve yet to say in
      your protection of Peltier and AIM, so tell me in view of that whose “fronting”?
      I’ll paraphrase Annie’s daughter who said a concerted initial effort was made by
      your boys to convince her the feds murdered her mother, yet justice came through
      the feds – not AIM or any of the so called “leaders” who remain the pathological
      liars they have always been.
      So, would you care to say she is lying or perhaps delusional, that no such effort
      was made?
      If not then can you explain why such an effort was made by AIM if not an effort to
      misdirect and cover their tracks when they knew better, when they knew who was responsible?
      Now as has always been the case the best you have to offer is a transparent attempt
      to direct a discussion away from AIM and Peltier – it’s all you have, and maybe all
      you know how to do in the midst of your faux calls for truth and justice.
      You ask if I roll out the red carpet because Wood is anti Peltier, do you roll out a
      different one because he is?
      If Wood came in here acting as off the wall as you have at times and made a career
      out of avoiding questions in the same way you have he’d be getting the same response
      you do.
      You can’t play me nor can Wood or any of his or your associates.
      When it comes to informants and provocateurs among AIM how many times have I said
      anyone with any level of complicity should be held to account? And that would be
      handlers who surely would know what their “assets” were up to either before or after the fact when it involved a crime being committed.
      You want to step up now and say you believe the same should be the way of it with
      AIM, or do you prefer to continue protecting and fronting?
      I’m not sure who the handlers were, I have some suspicions that seem to be shared
      by others who take an objective rather than biased view.
      I think Zigrossi was one, Price, another and it’s been said Trimbach was Hill’s
      handler as well as the one who intervened for Hill in the Utah child support
      case – whether true or not who can definitively say?
      I also suspect Held was involved in the “oversight” of what was taking place.
      So in mentioning Trimbach are you implying that that he was Hill’s handler and
      that Hill was indeed an informant or will you avoid the question and opt for one
      of your now well established tepid responses that you wouldn’t want to speculate?
      Terrorism is terrorism whether home grown or foreign authored – being as such
      zero tolerance should be the approach whether it is AIM sponsored bombing, fires,
      and murder or government sponsored.
      Would you care to attempt to explain away the AIM terrorism of WK2 where arson
      and murder were the norm – or do you call committing such acts against
      your own people an act of “liberation” carried out by “patriots”?
      Do you understand that OKC and WK2 are separate events and as such should be
      dealt with separately?
      Do you understand that the commission of and intent to commit crimes have to
      be evaluated and dealt with on the basis of a case they are presented in?
      While we’re on the subject of informants and handlers what do you have to say
      about Russell Means informing to Jackley and “other” law enforcement personnel?
      Who do you believe was his handler?
      Will you avoid that or attack Jackley?
      Since I believe more one than one of the AIM leadership informed when it served
      them would you care to inform me who you think they might have been if they were?
      Can you offer an explanation how Clyde Bellecourt following his indictment and
      subsequent conviction as a quote “major drug dealer” dealing out of a school was
      able to get off so lightly?
      Did he cut a deal and roll over for a lighter sentence … what do you think?
      So again,I believe anyone with any level of complicity in any act of terrorism needs
      to be held to account – that’s about as simple as I can put it, and would include any
      federal or law enforcement person or agency – it would include you or I, or any member
      of AIM should they or you and I have been involved.
      You surely must know AIM killed Annie, Robinson, and those in unmarked graves at WK2
      yet you roll out the red carpet for them.
      Want to tell me how that works?
      Now, are you sure you want to get into a links war? You know you haven’t historically
      done well with that and the subsequent questions they raise.
      You quoted me in saying murder is murder and shouldn’t be celebrated, so do you deny
      the murders AIM committed at WK2, do you deny they authored the murder of Annie, do
      you feel as though they should be celebrated?

    • yup, and avoiding questions again. Though in all
      fairness since his comment is late in getting to
      the board he may not have seen it yet.
      I’ll update this in saying that SB is doing his
      avoidance behavior thing – comment in one blog, add
      what he believes are favorable links and then when
      questioned avoid the questions and jump over to
      another blog and attempt the same thing.
      But then that’s what AIM/Peltier “assets” are
      noted for.

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