• Thanks shard.
      There are as many sides to this as there are people, and maybe the expectation
      for some is that as an indigenous person I’m supposed to put on the paint, mount
      up, and be offended.
      But I make my own way, always have and always will, and a part of that way is to
      attempt to be objective – to walk around something and look it at from all sides.
      I do the same with construction jobs I work.
      In following that regimen I see nothing in this that harms the nations, if I did
      I would be raising hell about it.
      Others may view it the same as I or they may not, and they have every right to
      formulate and express their opinion just as I do.
      As I pointed out when it comes to symbols of greed the marketing and corruption of
      our traditions and ceremonies more than qualifies, and I would think as nations we
      are obliged to raise the issue and keep it in the forefront.
      No exceptions for Carpetbaggers like Dennis Bank$ or Leonard Crow Dog, they have
      repeatedly demonstrated their priority is self enrichment, self promotion, and
      attention seeking.
      A national mammal does nothing to address the real time issues that exist in our
      communities, but if it’s a meme drawing attention to historical realities that
      generates discussions that’s a good thing.
      Non indigenous interlopers aren’t the singular problem, nor are governmental policies,
      they may be the choice, arguably an obvious one when it comes to assigning blame but
      there’s more to it than that, and that’s all I’m saying.
      A “more” I intend to keep raising as a topic and talking about.
      Two Bulls related artwork is both timely and relevant, as such it will hopefully broaden
      the discussion and give people pause to ponder the historical and current reality.

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