1. Even if I could personally find some work around about the murders AIM and Peltier committed,
    which I cannot, I don’t believe I could ever do the same about Peltier’s interrogating Annie
    at gunpoint.
    And Annie wasn’t the only woman Peltier pulled his tough act with, there was Minnie
    Two Shoes and others as well.
    No one can ever convince me in light of such things that while on the run from Jumping
    Bull he wasn’t in touch with AIM leaders like Bank$, Means, and the rest them, that he
    didn’t know of the plan and advocated for her murder thinking it would protect his sorry ass.
    All of which would be in his parole hearing records and the reason why neither he nor
    ILPDC ever want them to see the light of day- Peltier’s signature on a release form is all
    that’s required.
    He’s spent years in prison? Yeah, but he’s also spent years lying and refusing to sign off.
    Then when the RCMP captures him what does dumb as dirt say?
    He says agents William and Coler were murdered because his belief was they were
    looking for him on a Wisconsin fugitive warrant.
    And of course says he personally had nothing to do with it but knows who did – that while
    also playing the “warrior” role and saying if he had known the RCMP were coming he
    would have blown them out of their shoes.
    Now ask yourself this – how many people do you know or think would take it upon themselves
    to kill a cop(s) whether federal or not to protect someone, anyone, much less a person like
    Peltier because his belief was they were coming for him when in fact they were not and
    didn’t even know he was around?
    I don’t know if dirt is dumb or anything is dumber than dirt, but if it is, and something is,
    Peltier fills the bill, and offhand I’d have to say dirt is smarter than Peltier.

  2. Reposted.

    Prison Writings, pages 71 and 63 explain Peltier’s alleged heritage, or his attempt to pretend at least:

    “My father, Leo, was three-fourths Chippewa (Ojibway) and–he always told us–one-forth French. My mother, Alvina Showers, had a Dakota Sioux mother and a Chippewa father. “..I take genuine pride in that holy blood too.” (i.e. being part French. At least we know that part it likely true. But Holy?)

    “Though my bloodline is predominantly Ojibway and Dakota Sioux, I have also married into, and been adopted in the traditional way by the Lakota Sioux people.” (No, it is predominantly Ojibway.)

    “Married and adopted,” that could make him a lot of things. He probably convinced himself that the phantom Mr. X was a true Lakota.

    As for the “dumb as dirt” behind his back moniker, there’s a lot of that going around lately. About the dumbest move was convincing his attorneys (or maybe it was the other way around) to release his 44-page clemency petition. Either way, a stupid decision.

    • Being adopted or marrying into a nation does make
      Peltier anything other than what he is, nor does
      it confer the ability to “enroll” as a tribal
      I would liken it in his case to Ward Churchill
      claiming ancestry and being an “enrolled” member
      of the Keetowah Cherokee.
      An “honorary” membership same as the one given
      to former president Bill Clinton – last I knew
      Clinton wasn’t claiming to be Keetowah.
      And if he were to he’d be as big a liar as Peltier

  3. Annie and the entire spiri world is watching! Her descendants and relatives know the truth. No presidential forgiveness, no family forgiveness.

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