3 comments on “WHAT A MAROON

  1. DVR and watch Special Report every night. Mostly just get frustrated at the state the country is in, where we are and where we might wind up. Don’t engage in political discussions/arguments, have better things to do and work and LP and archery eat up all my time anyway. It is disturbing that in this nation this is the best we can produce. I have a few that I admire greatly, Charles Krauthhamer and Vincent Bugliosi, for example, but they are too smart for politics. Great leaders are a rare commodity and as you’ve commented in the past, and I agree, politics and those who engage in it; it’s all about the power and nothing more. Just one tax payer’s opinion: The country is just to big and complex to manage efficiently.

    Been out all day and just saw from the link that 50 were killed and it appears to be terrorist linked. It’s going to get a lot worse with no end in sight for the next generations. I don’t want to think what kind of environment my granddaughters and their children will be facing.

    • I’ve shunned the political process all my life believing
      it to be exclusive and for the most part indifferent – haven’t
      been swayed by the rhetoric or the photo ops that brought
      politicians to the rez.
      This time has been different for me, as I’ve said previously
      whatever happens the nations as a people will in all likelihood
      be impacted to a greater degree than mainstream America.
      I too believe the unfolding of a darker chapter is taking place
      and the potential for what we have seen and what we will see
      will be markedly different.
      Time to draw family,friends, and hopefully nations closer

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