6 comments on “BREXIT

    • What is legal or constitutionally valid as this vote
      was often becomes secondary to vested interests with
      political cronyism and money trumping the will of the
      electorate – which is pretty much the way of it in this
      Nothing wrong in my opinion with trade agreements or
      unions that prioritize the welfare and authority of
      people rather than those that seek to regulate every
      aspect of national character, drive wages down, and
      insure wealth migrates to the top.
      I’m not in the least bit surprised by this petition
      to reverse and suspect it is only the tip of the iceberg.
      As I said – time to hold the line, time for accountability.
      Stay strong and keep punchin’.
      Out of control globalism is the threat, not sovereignty.

      • In the end it is about maintaining a distinct national, cultural, and individual
        identity – either that or becoming as Pink Floyd sang another brick in the wall.
        In the “melting pot” philosophy of this country cultural integrity is something
        lip service is paid to with the end game being entirely different.
        The reality is Democracy isn’t about consensus but majority rule, that can be either
        a good or bad thing and however it goes there will always be the disgruntled and
        the satisfied.
        Apparently in the imperfect world of humankind that is the best that can be affected,
        but all people should have a voice.
        In speaking from a distance it seems better to me that a country such as Britain or
        any other in the EU should have the majority voice within their own boundaries rather
        than a cadre sitting in Brussels.
        Sovereignty isn’t something to be taken lightly or easily surrendered – wars have been
        fought for that very reason and I think it dishonorable to cede the sovereignty others
        have fought, bled, and died for.
        The reservation system in this country and Canada can in many ways be likened to the
        gulags, and that is the way I refer to them – in a manner of speaking there seems to
        be a similar approach by the EU in that the resources of Euro nations are coveted and
        it is about assimilation.
        When such is the case equity goes out the window and conformity becomes the standard
        with little regard for cultural norms or individual rights.
        Change often requires some measure of sacrifice and will be defined by a willingness
        to accept that for what is perceived as a common good.
        The civil rights movement in this country was a prime example – a movement that
        required a great deal of suffering and yet paid dividends – the same could be said of
        Gandhi and India, or Mandela and South Africa.
        Museums exist to preserve the grandeur and memories of moments in time and creations,
        the preservation of the grandeur of self determination is of greater value and the
        quality of life in the day to day should be a living interactive museum to that end.
        Happiness is a universal pursuit, good that you have found yours, and I enjoyed your

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