1. Yes rezinate it is good to be normal and not worry about silly things.
    We have laughed so much with these pictures and know they are true.
    It is normal to change the diapers, nurse the little ones and teach them
    what is important, and it is normal when the gray hair comes and the breast
    to fall when we are the grandmother and we say this is all good.
    It is the way of the woman, the way of the mother, and the way of our
    mothers and life and we would not have it to be any different.

    • Well said, and an eloquent way of doing so.
      The way of women and the way of men, different,
      and yet meant to be complimentary rather than
      Alongside every good woman should be a good
      man to share the journey, parenting, joys, and
      difficulties life can present even if they have
      to wear a respirator when changing diapers.

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