• Was a time a while back when I tentatively posted a couple of what I consider
      to be keepers on the net – in short order they were scooped up, one appearing
      on eBay and the other as some sort of advertising photo in a slavic country.
      I also don’t like the fact that when you read those end user agreements internet
      entities believe they have the right to use whatever you post.
      I began photography for a single reason after being encouraged to do so in an
      effort to document indigenous people and the day to day conditions of rez and
      urban community life.
      That remains my primary focus, one I have maintained for a number of years
      though an evolution has taken place that encompasses other facets.
      I dragged my feet for a time related to the book because I thought it was
      pretentious of me to think I could “author” one.
      I’m not in this to make and post eye candy, garner attention, make a living,
      or become a “recognized” talent – I pound nails for a living and that’s good
      enough for me.
      But I haven’t a problem with any who do and enjoy a good photo as well the
      next person.
      You might interpret my position as selfish, and maybe it is, but not on a
      personal level, selfish in that I want our people to have what they need,
      and though I can’t fill every need I intend to do what I can.
      Every bit of gear I own I either bartered work for, saved my lunch, snack,
      and soda or juice money, was a closet find, or picked up used in second hand
      stores, flea, markets, or pawn shops.
      Now it has been suggested that I produce a video to accompany the “coffee
      table book” as a sort of a precursor or follow up – since I’m not a videographer
      I wasn’t keen on the idea or what I thought would be the expense.
      But the situation has changed and I now have an unsolicited ”backer” or “patron”
      if your prefer who retired some years ago from a major media network who is a
      photographer and videographer and been a friend of mine for some time.
      I’m not one eager to accept gifts, never have been, but after much discussion
      and a fair amount of cajoling by those near and dear to me I have accepted the
      fact that in this instance the means will indeed justify the end.
      The gifts come with the understanding that at some point my construction skills
      will be needed and that will serve as recompense.
      If you want to see the keepers purchase a copy of the book when it is released
      and know that every cent of profit will be going to indigenous causes.
      In the interim I’ll post a non keeper here and there but that will be the extent
      of it and call it what it you will as the needs are many and I haven’t the resources
      to offer as others may have.

  1. know you rez know your heart and know you wont keep a penny or
    give a shit about attention. know to your going to get plenty when
    people see what you can do.
    Delores says tahnks for the tips and they make a big difference, says
    to tell you to she got that lens you said and loves it.

    • All I want is to add something to the narrative and help our people
      if I can.
      Glad the tips worked out well and she’s liking the Sigma 60mm. In
      an earlier email this evening she said she got it used at a good
      price and wants to find the 30mm and 19mm also – figured once she
      saw the IQ that would be the way of it and good she’s learning manual
      As luck would have it I have two copies of the 30mm and happy to
      send her one – don’t want anything for it, only ask if the opportunity
      arises to pay it forward however she can.

  2. Since I’m probably stirring the pot I might as well add
    the following:

    For those who pursue photography as a profession it
    is an honorable endeavor that can enlighten, inform,
    inspire, entertain, and be a catalyst for action.
    And yet photography isn’t a life or death proposition,
    above all it should be enjoyable and satisfying, it
    also inspite of human nature shouldn’t be viewed as
    a competition when it comes to ability or gear.
    The only competition should be against oneself, an ongoing
    effort to improve.
    Photography isn’t some secret society with a secret handshake,
    there’s no oath to take, no metaphysical origins, it’s nobodies
    personal domain, it didn’t originate during the times of the
    pharaohs or their relationship with “aliens” who helped them
    construct the pyramids, nor did the “Atlanteans” hold the sacred
    Photography as we know it is a blink of the eye in history predated
    by every symbolic or artistic representation ever etched on a boulder
    or painted on a cave wall – maybe we should all chill a little and take
    that into consideration, not be so eager to jump on the “latest” must
    have, take ourselves so seriously, or hang on and accept every review
    as gospel and avoid doing the math ourselves bearing in mind that
    there is no perfect lens and opinions are subjective.
    We should all be willing to share what we know, ask questions, and be
    willing to learn.
    We should also remember those must haves be they a lens or anything
    related we pursued to then divest ourselves of at a later date to pursue
    the next must have that assuredly would not only win friends and influence
    people but geometrically vault the user to the front of the line as well.
    If we cannot master the existing equipment we have moving on isn’t
    to going to change that – practice and discipline will.

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