3 comments on “ROOSTING CHICKENS

  1. And this copy/paste of a comment made in the linked gawker article:

    “It’s really amazing—this garbage has been going on for almost a year, the Clinton campaign certainly knew it was happening for the duration yet defended DWS and the DNC against accusations the whole time.
    Then, when objective proof emerges and becomes a public relations nightmare, the Clinton campaign pulls the rug from under her.
    And people applaud it as some act of integrity.
    This is using someone for gain and throwing her under a big fucking bus when she’s outlived her utility.
    I have zero sympathy for DWS, but it is incredible how low the standards are for Hillary Clinton amongst her supporters.
    “Sure, she ignored administration directives and intentionally limited the public’s ability to see what she was doing in her official capacity, but she didn’t intentionally break any laws so NBD.”
    “Sure, while she was Sec State, arms deals to authoritarian regimes skyrocketed and some of these regimes gave millions of dollars to the Clinton fund, and diplomats were killed*, and relations with Russia continued to deteriorate, and she advocated for more unbalanced free-trade policy, and she pushed fracking on the international community, but she’s got EXPERIENCE!”
    *No, I’m not saying Benghazi was her fault, but it’s still not a badge of honor to have the first killing of a US diplomat in 30+ years happen on your watch. As she, herself, has said, the safety of those killed was her responsibility as the head of the State Department. That doesn’t mean their deaths are her fault, but it does mean she shares some of the blame.”


    And what is the current president doing in the midst of this? Prostituting himself and the office
    of the presidency by praising both Wasserman Schultz and Clinton – then taking it a step farther
    in declaring Hillary may be the most qualified person to be president ever.

  2. Amen. You’re not the only one that feels like ranting like the guy from ” Network,” today! ” Queen” Hillary deserves the same treatment that her ” lap dog,” got this morning. In the name of good conscience she should step down herself and concede the nomination to Bernie. Instead, she hired DWS for a major role in her campaign:

    • Predictions are Wasserman will lose her seat in Florida,
      whether she does or not won’t make any difference if
      Hillary wins as she’ll no doubt be rewarded with a
      staff or cabinet post.
      The Dems are attempting to spin this by saying Assange
      got the leaks from the Russians – doesn’t matter who
      hacked the DNC, what matters are the revelations.

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