One comment on “THE MELTING POT

  1. Visited a site recently – thruopenlens – and the below quote made me think about what people attach importance to and what they take for granted.
    What the see and what they don’t, what will capture and hold their attention and what they will only take brief notice of.
    The natural world is the crowning glory of life whether you are an evolutionist or a believer in creation, without it we would not be here – human beings have usurped all that is, and all that is has suffered for it.
    Time I think to take notice of all that surrounds us, to show a little respect, provide a little room, and to understand that the numbers of our individual years are as finite as all others that live and breathe whether they walk upright, on all fours, fly, or swim.
    We would do well to slow our pace and become more aware rather than in our elder years wonder aloud how time passed so fast and where did it all go?

    “The World is beautiful, most of the time we walk by something really interesting but don’t see it because we always seem to be in a rush”. Lukasz Kondraciuk

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