5 comments on “ZEISS TOUIT 32mm f1.8 – YEAH BABY, YEAH

  1. There’s something of an old saw or adage if you will that if you tell a group of people something that by the time it makes the rounds and gets back to you it won’t be what you originally said.
    Something will be added, deleted, exaggerated, or minimized – I think we’ve all experienced that in some manner or another more than once in our lives and it’s usually referred to as having devolved into gossip.
    The more familiar I become with this lens the more I’m inclined to believe that is the way of it when it comes to the auto focus mechanism.
    If you’ll look around on the net you’ll find examples like “it’s really loud” to more moderate complaints, truth of the matter is maybe a decibel level test should be conducted as I mentioned previously at least on my copy it’s more of a tactile awareness than an auditory one, and I can’t really believe I just happen to have the exception to the rule.
    I think what may happen is a sort of thing becomes something of a meme, once the “noise” was mentioned then it becomes obligatory if you want to be taken seriously when offering a review to mention and or expand.
    There are people for instance who like the sound of a shutter clicking, others who don’t, but on today’s cameras I don’t feel as though whatever sound a shutter makes is a horrible distraction.
    Try a little test – stand a few feet away from your camera in the real world and activate the shutter or AF – if you don’t have one of those apps or a cable release have a friend activate the shutter.
    Did you hear it or the AF? I’m kind of doubting it and if you didn’t maybe something to consider.
    On the Sony a6300, and other cameras I assume, you can go “stealth mode” when it comes to shutter activation – kind of a whatever for me but I’m sure there are those who like and employ it if for no other reason than the novelty.
    Most of the photography I have done is off the beaten track and prior to this stealth mode, never made a bit a difference – flocks of birds didn’t take to the sky, herds of deer, elk, or buffalo didn’t stampede endangering their or my life and limb.
    Raptors didn’t become enraged and attack, hens didn’t flee a nest abandoning their young.
    Never had a person say they were sound sensitive and the shutter or AF if used was akin to a cannonade – never had one say it was a distraction.
    Though I did once having rounded a sort of dog leg in a river have a moose wanting to broadside the canoe I was paddling in, but that was more about his embarrassment at being startled by my appearance than anything else – besides a moose can’t swim as fast as I can paddle.
    Now I’ve done this little suggested test and so far no one has said they heard either the shutter or af,
    and not a one of them were hearing impaired.
    Far from being a scientific test and more anecdotal in nature but it is what is – now maybe if this “test” were conducted in a controlled environment like a studio and everyone had their serious face on it might come out differently – thing is though out of the millions of millions of people taking photographs how many are doing so in a studio?
    So, as is the norm what I’m saying is don’t take everything you hear or read related to reviews or opinions such as mine as gospel – you’re your own person, do the math, and make your own determination.
    If there’s something you find informative and can take with you in a review then well and good, but doubtful you’d purchase a vehicle without a test drive, or a home without a walk through, so not a bad idea I’d think when it comes to cameras and lenses.
    Now if they could make silent power tools that would be a whole different story – or self driving nails and screws that set themselves.

    • Interesting take, are we to assume you don’t hold those
      who offer reviews in high regard.
      Actually I have bought a lens or two based on reviews that
      didn’t pan out so your point is well taken.
      I do own the 32mm Touit and don’t feel as though the AF
      noise is excessive.
      In fact I love this lens.

      • On the contrary I think there are some good reviewers and some bad ones,
        those who are unbiased and those who are – those who pander and those
        who don’t.
        The point I would make is reviews shouldn’t be taken as absolutes,
        I don’t feel as though that is the equivalent of suggesting someone
        pull their fingernails out or engage in self immolation.
        I kinda doubt there aren’t those who may have taken personal exception
        related to my opinion and that’s not only fine with me but their right
        to do so.
        If a problem exists with a lens or a camera does anyone think the
        manufacturer is going to point it out?
        I believe manufacturers are aware of inherent shortcomings and will either
        address them with firmware updates or opt not to depending on the public
        If so then the level of response will dictate the direction taken – and
        that response should be based upon personal experience, not merely echoing
        internet sentiments.
        As I pointed out had I of relied solely upon the reviews related to AF
        noise I wouldn’t have had any interest in this lens – to my good fortune
        I didn’t as I now have a copy that I will keep and use for years.
        The Sony 35mm f1.8 is a good lens for those whose focus is video – but if
        they want the ability to capture excellent stills as well and can afford
        it they might consider owning both.
        After all part of the pursuit seems to be collecting lenses doesn’t it?
        There are some great photographers out there offering reviews and opinions,
        I may admire and respect their work but that doesn’t imply a need to agree
        with everything they say – if that were the case then among that community
        they would be compelled to have a single opinion, a single approach they
        take in their photographic endeavors.

    • So very well said rezinate, additionally I feel as though the
      photographic community could do with a little less snobbery
      in the communities you mention.
      I also own this little Zeiss wonder in an e mount version and
      have nothing but praise for it.

      • Well, “snobbery” or no as Mark Twain said “it ain’t bragging if you
        can do it”
        A privilege though that can be abused at times. So credit where due
        and none where it isn’t.
        Obviously I’m sold on this lens, others may not be considering the
        huge number of manufacturers and lenses available and nothing wrong
        with that but it works for me.
        In very short order I have become an admirer of this lens that
        features the Zeiss “look”, colors that pop, and the bokeh.
        I had an older Zeiss from the DDR era and wasn’t much impressed when
        comparing it to other vintage lenses I have like a Fujinon EBC, but
        this is a different story as are the vast majority of Zeiss lenses.

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