3 comments on “HIPS DON’T LIE REDUX

  1. “My belief is that all within the top echelon of AIM rolled over at some point or another,”

    Interesting to note that Russell Means status as a “snitch” by AIM’s definition has
    actually been verified in prosecuting the case of John Graham – the public announcement
    by the lead prosecutor that Means had “assisted” law enforcement by providing
    Means the “great statesman”, a common “snitch” by the very definition he and AIM
    labelled others – the wannabe Crazy Horse and “chief facilitator” that among the
    innumerable scams he ran were the ” Republic of Lakota” and the completely laughable
    attempt to portray himself as the oracle of matriarchy.

    • I won’t argue that Held was a villain, but more of a villain than
      the AIM leaders who killed people within their own communities,
      people they knew?
      I don’t think so.
      I’m familiar with Judi Bari and believe multiple people should
      have gone to jail over her attempted murder …… much the same as
      I believe multiple people in the AIM leadership should have gone
      to jail for the murders of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray
      Robinson jr, and those who lie in unmarked graves at WK2.
      That’s the difference between you and I – you do your AIM best to
      differentiate between which murders and murderers should be pursued
      and those you chose to ignore and issue a pass to.
      Would your position change if Annie, Ray, or others AIM murdered
      were killed by a bomb rather than an AIM bullet?

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