1. Good one! Dead on in regards to both Monsanto and Bono ( although with the exception to him, Sun City was a good project and did help to bring apartheid in S.A to an end and help to get Mandela out of jail. Little Steven put that together). Did you hear about the Monsanto/ Bayer merger? As a friend said, now the same company that poisons you and gives you Cancer can provide you with medicine to treat that cancer. Pretty convenient. And with Monsanto tool, ” queen Hillary,” at the helm, the profit possibilities are endless. I tried to get Bono to join me on this one but American Express turned me down ( maybe they have a share in Kelcy’s Pipeline?)

    • I agree that Sun City did a lot of good and served to
      elevate awareness, no issues with Little Steven but Bonos
      a different story and a total sellout in my opinion.
      Excellent analogy re a Monsanto Bayer merger – Hillary
      or Trump, the future’s looking a little grim.
      Just goes to show that even you and I can agree on
      fundamentally important issues.

    • Good link and thanks.
      The problem with Dakota Access is the approach the next
      administration will take – and judging by a few articles
      and videos I’ve seen Obama may be evading a little when
      pressed for a definitive statement.
      All oil conglomerates are corrupt monstrosities, as are
      Monsanto and Wall Street.
      I believe a part of the strategy will be to wait for winter
      to set in the hope the commitment level will dwindle.
      I also believe if push comes to shove the Nat’l Guard will
      assume an active role – if that should happen there could
      very likely be a ground swell of support – the days of Kent
      State are over.

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