3 comments on ““MAKE BAD INDIANS GOOD”

  1. Thought I’d offer this for a discussion point and possible Rez Blog. The City of Cincinnati is proposing changing Columbus Day to Indiginous People’s Day. First reaction was, are they missing the point and the big picture here, let alone the history? Then again (and it is a good city all considered), they just built a streetcar that goes about a mile and a half…when that money could have been spent (or the bonds sold to finance it [at a loss]) used for school upgrades, infrastructure, etc.

    • In view of all the “days” and holidays in this country
      it would seem appropriate to have an indigenous day.
      The downside would be if it became yet another “sale”
      day as so many have become.
      Holidays and “days” have become little more than commercial
      vehicles from Mother’s Day to Cinco De Mayo.
      I was in Home Depot the other day picking up some materials
      and they not only had the Halloween paraphernalia but thanksgiving
      and xmas as well stocked and on display.
      Seattle has a monorail that runs about a mile or so and primarily
      serves as a tourist attraction – I rode it once when I was there
      for a couple of days just because I had never been on one and it may
      have a longer route now – but if I lived there and wanted to go a few
      blocks in town I’d rather walk.
      I have nothing against streetcars, monorails, or high speed commuter
      trains but the mentality seems to be if the infrastructure crumbles
      all around us or the quality of schools and education declines it’s
      okay as long as there’s a holiday or a pork barrel project.
      I suspect an indigenous day isn’t too far off if for no other reason
      than it will be seen as the politically correct thing to do – if that
      is the primary motivation it will be meaningless to me.
      The issues of sovereignty and self determination are what needs to be

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