2 comments on “FEATHER OR A STONE ?

  1. 250 miles to the northeast of the current DAPL Protest which amounts to nothing more than another B.S Donate, Donate, Donate social chaos script that has raised just at 1million dollars by net donations alone, that Pipeline that does not even go through reservation lands is the construction site for the Thunder Butte Refinery at the fort berthold reservation which along with the fracking of over 1000 upcoming wells that will use water from and discharge production process byproducts to lake sakakawea, that lake which feeds downstream to the Oahe lake where the protest is being held.

    no_one talking about that thou, why?

    Fort Berthold Agency – Approved over 1,700 Oil and Gas leases and distributed over $80,000,000.00 in bonus payments.
    We are now into the drilling phase of the Bakken Play and expect approximately 1000 wells to be drilled over the next 10 years.

    The environmental effects on the reservation will be substantial. The Agency staff when at full strength is 25 FTEs. This is counting 6 new positions added because of the mineral activity.”


    the Fort Berthold refinery broke ground in 2013, called clean fuels refinery because it uses the latest and greatest in refinery techniques (has nothing to do with being clean) …. http://www.mharefinery.com/

    OCT. 2012 …. the interior dept. approved Fort Berthold Land Trust Application for New Refinery

    Ken Salazar IS THE SCUM that spearheaded the so called Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill restitution for families and the environment …. that in reality SCREWED EVERYONE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN UP OBLIGATIONS ….

    “Today’s historic decision is another step forward in the Obama Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy and commitment to strengthen Tribal communities and generate jobs for rural America,” Salazar said. “By working with the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people to place this land into trust status, we are supporting infrastructure that will help bring American oil and gas to market while promoting Tribal economic development and self-determination regarding land and resource use.” ~Ken Salazar~


    • As of 9-7-16 a “third world” country has been running on a hundred percent green energy for seventy plus days, so let’s put that in perspective.

      Costa Rica is a country that hasn’t anywhere near the monetary assets this country does and yet can use currently available technology to separate itself from fossil fuels.

      That raises the obvious question of why can’t the U.S. do likewise? The obvious answer is that corporations haven’t wrung the last penny from fossil fuels.

      Additionally if “legislation” can’t be or isn’t enacted to allow them to control access and usage of solar, wind, and other energy sources they will continue to procrastinate – that leaves me to wonder if this is what they mean when figure heads go on about “American Exceptionalism”?

      These are realities that place the protests against DAPL and others into perspective – realities that ultimately lead to an attempt to criminalize protestors and employ attack dogs when law enforcement becomes a band of mercenaries acting in behalf of corporations.

      I began this reply using Costa Rica as an example, but they are not alone in their environmental awareness – Iceland, Paraguay, and Albania are also running on one hundred percent renewable electricity.

      Corporations and the banking industry operate in collusion creating what amounts to monopolies, a part of the solution is to break them up into smaller entities, but I don’t envision that happening.

      In addition Citizens United needs to be overturned and the activities of lobbyists severely curtailed.

      Enbridge and Dallas based Energy Transfer Partners have three point eight billion dollars invested in the pipeline thus far, a battery of attorneys, and sympathetic courts – while a million in donations may seem like a lot it is chump change in comparison taking into consideration any legal effort to thwart DAPL – and the bottom line is the only remediation that will occur is through the courts.

      But it’s not just legal fees and related, it’s the ability to sustain protestors with at least the basics.

      There is always the potential for the unscrupulous to attempt to scam when such issues arise, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because of that – my advice in view of any of the AIM’s leadership presence is to keep a close watch on them.

      We don’t need “wannabe chiefs flying around the country” as the ’99 Oyate statement pointed out related to AIM – what is needed is people on the line and support in whatever form necessary.

      This ramped up activity by law enforcement reminds me of the now infamous “governmental weekend news dumps” – the focus is on the election, people are distracted, confused, angered, and perhaps even fearful.

      In addition corporate owned media outlets have stayed away from providing the attention the protests merits and are milking the dwindling days of the presidential campaign soap opera for everything it is worth.

      There has never been a time when I haven’t said the issues one rez or nation faces aren’t faced by others as well – none of this is isolated to Standing Rock or any other rez and people need to be aware of that – take a stand for one, take a stand for all.

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