One comment on “DEPLORABLE TRUMP

  1. I like to believe that people are capable of change, that life should be a maturation process – I infact know individuals who have made dramatic changes, complete reversals, I both applaud and respect that.
    The reality is there are those who appear incapable of change, in my opinion Donald Trump is one such individual.
    It’s damage control time now and the emphasis on the latest revelation is that Trump made these comments a few years ago and it somehow doesn’t really matter because he’s a changed man now – besides, it’s that “locker room banter” and boys will be boys.
    The problem is Trump’s sexist statements during the campaign demonstrate an entirely different story, if you believe he’s a changed man then you may be in need of a little change yourself.
    If Trump we’re running against someone other than Hillary he would have been shut down months ago, but as crazy as it sounds he’s still in the running.
    Trump is incapable of embarrassing himself, he hasn’t done or said anything wrong he’s just being treated “unfairly”, but I wonder what the behind the curtains reaction of his wife and children has been?
    For sure they’ll rise to his defense but what do they really think? I mean this is the same man whose on record as saying his daughter is so attractive he’d be after her if she weren’t his daughter.
    Do his son’s have to keep a watchful eye when the ‘ol man is around their spouses or girlfriends?
    And what about women who support Trump, how do they possibly justify their support, especially if they have daughters of their own? Would they be alright with The Donald grabbing their daughter or themselves?
    Are they okay with women being objectified and demeaned – are they being led around by their nose courtesy of their spouses or companions?
    Judging by the exodus of business associates during the campaign and what will most assuredly be more of the same Trump’s ill conceived run for the presidency is going to hit him where it counts the most, his pocket book and his ego.
    Like I said, if the opposition was anyone but Hillary he’d already be toast.

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