3 comments on “THESPIAN DENNIS BANK$

  1. I am not a selfless person, I am willing to do without for others and have done so on more than one occasion – but I will not make such a decision for others when it comes to any who depend on me.
    Nor will I support, defend, or facilitate any among the nations if they are wrong merely to appease some romantic image of being ndn – native pride is one thing, condoning poverty pimping, criminal activity, and the theft or corruption of traditions and ceremonies something entirely different.
    I have nothing positive to say about any who engage in such activities and neither care who they are, who they are descended from, or what nation they are of.
    Leonard Peltier is liar and a fraud, as are and have been the AIM leadership – Leonard Crow Dog has been little more than AIM’s resident quack exemplifying the term plastic shaman.
    Clyde Bellecourt is a convicted “major drug dealer” and CEO of AIM Inc after having incorporated to protect his personal interests, and his brother Vernon, now deceased, a one time vacillating hair dresser who always found an excuse to be elsewhere when things got heavy.
    Russell Means was not only a lair and a con artist of epic proportions but also a verifiable “snitch” as defined by AIM standards.
    Dennis Bank$ may actually be the worst of the lot with his shameless money grubbing attention seeking self, not to mention well established complicity in at least one AIM authored murder.
    Heroes, liberators, and last real ndns? Talk to the hand.

  2. Excellent. Great analogy/metaphor “If you ever ask a “psychic” why they don’t know the winning lottery numbers, win at the racetrack, or unable to avoid adversity in their own lives they’ll respond by saying they can’t use their “gift” for personal gain, that’s about as good a cover story as they can come up with I guess.”

    I do kind of regret the selfie with DB, but then again it was for LP, not me.

    The clock is ticking for the coward of Jumping Bull. The “list” won’t reach down to USP Coleman.

    And then there’s always Peltierite #370HSV0773H, but who cares.

    Will be glad to retire in February (for the third time), to be able to spend more time on LP…but by then it won’t matter anyway…(will spend more time on a great hobby…not a hunter but believe in conservation…archery…and some traveling with the bride.) (For the archers out there, White Wolf Archery, Tony Semenuk, makes incredible custom bows.)

    • Archery is a part of the genetic makeup of indigenous people,
      I had my first bow when I was about six, a child’s bow but still
      capable of inflicting damage were that the intention.
      I was taught and fully understood it was not a toy – that it was
      a tool that could put food on the table though there could also be
      a recreational aspect in target practice or imaginary hunts in the
      mind of a child.
      A year or so later I would hunt under the supervision of an adult
      learning to read sign, habitat, and listen to the sounds of the
      environment – mostly small game like rabbits or grouse.
      Graduated from the child’s bow to an “adult” bow when I was big
      enough to handle it, then later a recurve, and finally to a used
      Martin Warthog compound I’ve had for years and have no desire to
      I’ve made bows, arrows, and arrowheads but always etch the date on
      an arrowhead so if it were lost or I was unable to recover it and
      someone discovered it later they wouldn’t mistakenly believe it was
      something of an archeological find.
      There’s been a market for such “artifacts” created in this country
      as well as Mexico.
      Not familiar with Semenuk but will surf the net.
      I’m a firm believer in conservation but also subsistence hunting and
      never understood the concept of “trophy” hunting.

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