4 comments on “YOU GET UP WITH FLEAS

  1. I have a friend I’ve worked with a couple of times on jobs, a black man who will remain anonymous.
    A few days ago in talking about the election and cast of surrogates he without hesitation declared that former presidential candidate Ben Carson was nothing more than Donald Trumps resident “Uncle Tom”, his personal “step and fetch it”.
    A heady statement sure to roil the waters of political correctness and so I leave it to others to make their own determination.
    At the same time I could name an “uncle” or “auntie” Tomahawk among the nations though few and far between of whom it could be said fit the bill.
    As nations we have little if any reason to trust the election process, or for that matter the government – it wasn’t until around the mid twentieth century that we actually had a recognized right to vote across the width and breadth of this country.
    Now we’ve become something of a photo op inspite of not being viewed as a significant donations or voting bloc.
    We’re not as politically naive as we once were, we’ve come to understand the nature and continually evolving face of the game – for sure though the uncle and auntie Tomahawks among us still can gain elected office to tribal councils and usually by employing the same tactics exhibited in Washington.
    But that’s part of the problem in having modeled tribal elections in large degree after those that have ignored us for so long.
    I believe it is imperative, in fact the first of order of business, that those who lead live in the midst of their communities – an historical bulwark of tribal communal living that lends itself to scrutiny and accountability.
    Probably not possible in “modern” cultures but assuredly so if sovereignty actually existed and dependency on the great white/black father or mother wasn’t the way of it.
    As a people we historically have relied upon discussion, councils if you will – sort of our version of a town hall sans the outside intervention or spin
    so characteristic of media inspired town halls and it has worked well.
    A system of direct participatory democracy rather than national committees who have shown themselves to be anything but trustworthy.
    No “safeguards” of electoral votes that can and have openly defied a national majority of votes.

  2. Hey now, street sweeping is a worthwhile thing to do. In some places a hand broom is still used. 😉 Nothing wrong with being a head street sweeper. Lessons to learn: humility, patience, perseverance, kindness, cheerfulness, learning to be aware of ones surroundings without engaging, how to do a complete a task correctly, how to live on subsistence wages, how to do a job of work without sufficient rest,,,, lessons too difficult for DT. Street sweeping requires more character than DT can trump up.

    • Then there’s large trucks that sweep streets, probably too
      difficult a task for Trump to operate one so I was kind
      thinking the broom and shovel variety that follows the
      circus parades would be more appropriate – that way he’d
      only have to differentiate between a broom and shovel.

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