4 comments on “21st Century Putsch

    • Ordinarily I believe people do deserve the benefit of the doubt
      until they not only abuse the privilege but become so incorrigible
      it amounts to little more than an exercise in futility or wishful
      Trump has aptly demonstrated who he is and where he’s coming from.
      Not just during the campaign but literally for decades,and now a kow
      towing Republican Party has forgotten the concerns they expressed pre
      election and dutifully falling in line.
      Mitch McConnell has made it abundantly clear what the agenda will be
      and I see no variations on what Trump had proposed.
      I cannot believe that a single human being cares so little for humanity,
      for their children, and the future to strip environmental regulations or
      food safety regulations.
      We live in a world of finite resources including the air we breathe and
      the water we drink, so if you can assuming you are a Republican explain
      the “logic” behind such an effort I’d be interested in hearing it.
      I assume you have children and grandchildren, and as a parent and grandparent
      desire a future for them – how does defunding social programs or stripping
      away regulations in a frenzy to facilitate corporations serve any purpose?
      DAPL for instance will create forty permanent jobs, forty jobs, that’s not
      even a statistical hiccup while the environmental risks are being demonstrated
      with pipelines leaking during the last few weeks.
      Problems as they arise need to be addressed as they arise, not kick the
      can down the road for others to deal with and then point fingers.
      Maybe Trump will surprise people and take the long view, actually begin
      respecting the rights of everyone and what’s best, I won’t be holding my
      breath though for that to happen, nor do I think anyone else should.
      Trump and the Republican Party have opened a can of worms and they’re going
      to have to deal with it, unfortunately the rest of us will have to as well.
      What is going on and has been going on in government and SC rulings is
      deplorable, and it’s absolutely correct to say so, characterizing an entire
      demographic as deplorable in a one size fits all approach is likewise
      What the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile did is deplorable – what
      the Clinton’s have done in their years of “public service” by manipulating and
      selling influence is deplorable as well, but no less so than attacking the handicapped,
      women, religious beliefs, and minorites – no less so than a bogus war courtesy of
      Bush that in the end only served to incite and fuel terrorism.
      No less so than a knuckle dragging buffoon who thinks Putin’s a swell guy, believes
      every nation should have nuclear weapons, calls for a reduction in taxes for the
      wealthy which will ultimately increase the burden on the middle class, and allow
      people not to just “slip through the cracks” falling into poverty but shove them
      into it.
      Twenty trillion in national debt? This country ain’t seen nothing yet.
      A part of the Republican agenda is privatization so corporate cronies can step
      in and make money – privatize prisons and the incentive becomes to incarcerate
      more and up the profit level – privatize Social Security and even the Postal
      Service for the same reason – the revenue generated that will go into the
      pockets of a select few.
      Guns? Oh yeah, everyone should be able to not only own an assault weapon but
      also carry it fully loaded in public because we all know guns don’t kill people
      people do – if that is true then why facilitate people by making it easier?
      Give guns a break from the bad rep they’ve acquired, after all they don’t pull
      their own trigger and it’s irrelevant that the sole purpose of a gun is to kill
      or inflict injury.
      Gun rights? yeah, I’m for that but I’m also for responsible gun ownership, not
      arming every nut and militia type in the country by wrapping ownership in a flag
      and talk of patriotism.

      • That covers a lot of territory and only time will tell to what degree how much of this will prevail. But one thing is for certain, an awful lot of people are just plain tired of politics as usual. Maybe…this will be a sobering moment for the new President as he faces the realities and enormous responsibilities he has been handed. That’s what we can all hope for and debate the changes as they happen. Either way, we have four or eight years ahead….

      • I agree there is a lot of territory to cover and I suggest
        that for the Dems if they want to claim any higher ground
        they begin by cleaning up their own backyard starting with
        the entrenched business as usual politicians in their
        midst and the DNC.

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