1. I was just asked what do I think Trump’s reaction will be to the attempt to
    normalize relations with Cuba?
    To begin with I believe he will follow the Republican doctrine of isolating
    Cuba, that belief is qualified though by whether or not he has an opportunity
    to build a casino or hotel and expand his “brand”.

    • I honestly don’t know shard and can’t speak for everyone, but what
      I will say is we as nations need to do everything in our power to create where it is lacking and then insure the integrity of our communities as a buffer.
      Something as a people we should done decades ago in an effort to become self reliant.
      Every “settlement” should have been dedicated to that end for the communal welfare while developing infrastructure and agriculture on a commercial scale that would serve to create jobs and elevate the standard of living rather than dispensed among individuals – in the end the benefits would have surpassed any negatives.
      It would have taken a consensus to accomplish that and I doubt that would have been possible.
      Every penny the leadership AIM acquired through grants, donations, and even their endless variety of scams should have went to that end.
      Every cent stuffed down the rathole of lies portraying Peltier as an innocent political prisoner should have gone to that communal end.
      It’s an example of the axiomatic pay now or pay later, or perhaps more appropriately sacrifice now or sacrifice even more later – and the truth of the matter is little will change if aren’t willing to sacrifice inspite of all we already have.
      That’s a bitter pill to swallow but I believe it is the way of things and hope that I am wrong.

  2. A burffer for our people and homes, yes rezinate you speak again with
    a good heart and love for our people.

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