18 comments on “MEYER-OPTIK GORLITZ ORESTEGOR 200mm f/4

  1. I have an opportunity to score one for $175 CAD. I run an A7 and A77, use a lot of older glass from Minolta. I have slowed down with manual focus and love every moment of it. Your opinion?

      • They say it is mint…so am I at 64 (but I have a few flaws…). I will have a good look at it and see what develops and let you know.

      • Would appreciate a little follow up – mint sweetens the pot.
        Does it come with a case and or any extras?
        If you purchase it once you familiarize yourself with it’s
        characteristics I think you’ll be impressed with the bokeh
        it produces.
        Do you have a site or blog? Would be interested in seeing
        your work if so.

      • No blog, wouldn’t know how to start one…thought of it though. I tend to hoard my photos, no real reason. Flickr- Randy Keeler Not many there, couple I should not have posted. Would the ‘beercan’ 70-210 compare to the Meyer? I use mostly Minolta MC lenses, MC 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.7, 55mm f1.7, 55mm f1.9, 58mm f1.4, 135mm f2.8, 135mm f3.5 QD, MD-28mm f2.8, 28-85mm f3.5-4.5. In AF-80-200mm f2.8, 70-210mm f4. DT- 16-50mm f2.8 and 11-18mm f 4.5-5.6

      • Nice collection of lenses and Minolta made some good ones.
        I’m still a little amazed at times that I have a blog, eight
        years worth or so and covered a lot of ground – think you
        might enjoy it if you got into it and easy enough to set up
        and operate.
        Will check out your Flickr – I think on the one hand the
        beercan and the Meyer have an equivalency in some areas
        but markedly different n other – more of a matter of taste.

      • It is obvious that you are American, and have a distaste for the current government. Me I’m Canadian and get to see from here on what Donald will do next. I fear we get more news here about the USA, than you do about us in Canada.
        The lens comes with all,caps, hood and leather case..all original. Think I will take the plunge. I’ll jump on the bike and go see this guy. (couple hour ride)

      • Sounds like a plan and you’re right about my distaste.
        Depending on the lens mount and your camera you may
        have to get an adapter.

      • Well, I went and bought it. A two hour ride on the motorbike. A nice cruise as we have an unusual hot spell of 94 degrees. That’s too damn hot for someone who is more comfortable with a couple of degrees below freezing. The bike makes it easy though, buckle up, a/c on full, and drive like you stole it.
        I looked at the lens from all angles, brought my LED light and looked inside….it is mint. It does not looked used at all. Blades are dry, it does contain some dust on the inside. (not bad for a 40+yr old lens. Leather front cap, plastic rear cap, in a cardboard/leather round tube. Worth the 150 bucks? to me yes- I’m going for an education here. It takes a lot of time and money to teach old farts as myself! Have to buy an adapter for it yet. I think this lens will fit in nicely. I’d send some pics, but do not know how/where too.

      • Sounds like you did good – the dust unless egregious probably won’t impact image quality
        in any way and with these older lens kind of a given there will be dust – one of the
        first things I do when coming into an older lens is strip it down and give it a thorough
        going over.
        Include a photo or two with your new acquisition and I can add them along with your
        comments on this particular blog or send them on to my listed email which should
        appear alongside notification of replies and comments I make.

      • The trade war starts today…now the cucumbers from the US will suffer an extra tariff. Not so bad right now as we are looking forward to our own grown here…that will change in January

      • I’ve get a little heat from the odd Trumpkin or two re my encouraging Canada and others
        to stand strong and tariff away with a few of their own – maybe create some hardships
        along the way but standing up to a bully/buffoon is always better in the long run.

  2. OK, I bought it $150 cad. I might be repeating myself… It looks really good mint really. With a high power LED lamp from both ends of lens looks good. Yes there is some dust particles present, it’s a 40+ yr old lens. Leather case, both caps, (front is leather) front hood, complete I think. Now the education starts for the old fart…look at me go!

    • Just a classy looking lens all around what with the Zebra “motif” and all.
      We all have our preferences and mine are shooting RAW in aperture priority,
      the lens seems to have an affinity for those settings though it performs
      great in any mode I’ve used it in.
      Like I always tell people “now get out there and take those photos only
      you can ……. look at you go!

    • Yup, an A6300 and since on my lens copy the mount is m42 I use a
      ten dollar m42 to emount – doesn’t require selling a kidney and
      works great.

      • Well the adapter arrived today, a bit late in the day but it is here. I like your price better though, I paid 32 bucks. I got to swing it up to the sky and the first thing I noticed was the different colour (that’s how we spell it) of blue sky. I took a couple shots of flowers in the garden..I think I shake like an old fart waiting on his next fix. More speed!..OK that calmed me down.. How can I send you a pic or two ( I should have asked weather you wanted to see some first I guess, but I’m not very conventional)

  3. Every time you leave a comment it shows your email add – sent mine there.
    As to shake there may be times when you prefer not to bump your ISO,
    in such a situation I use a tripod and a HONGDAK MC-36B remote ( cost
    me something like $13 new in the box and works perfectly) highly recommend it.
    The remote allows you program the exposure time thereby eliminating ISO

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