4 comments on “A NEW VICTORIAN ERA

  1. I have been reading your blog for a long time now
    would you really have felt better if Hilary Clinton had won the election

    • Not at all, it’s like asking which would make a person feel better – to lose an arm or a leg?
      What would have made me feel better and ultimately been in the best interests of the entire nation if not the world would have been the election of Bernie Sanders.
      I’d also feel better if a balance existed in government and between parties – I don’t believe any party should have the ability to control all facets of government any more than I believe an electorate should be swayed by sound bites rather than substance, nor should a person make excuse after excuse for their candidate of choice.
      I believe an electorate should be well informed and do the math for themselves in lieu of relying on paid talking heads, propagandists, and “spokespersons” who prostitute themselves in the name of blind party allegiance, the hope of currying favor, and a willingness to kick reality to the curb.
      Clinton’s candidacy was predicated entirely upon electing a woman, and like many others I haven’t a single issue with women in elected office including the presidency, but as I said multiple times in the blog it should be a woman of integrity capable of elevating the office……a criteria that excluded Clinton.
      The same criteria should apply to a man, which hasn’t historically been the way of it – this lack of a such a criteria has resulted in the election of a childishly immature buffoon incapable of telling the truth or looking beyond his own image in a mirror who will use the office as a vehicle to further enrich himself and cement the reality of trickle UP economics while raping the environment.
      In return I’ll ask you a couple of questions – do you feel better that Trump was elected in view of his pre and post election ongoing twitter rants and cabinet appointees, and are you okay with women being denigrated and objectified not just as an individual but a gender?
      The welfare of a nation is about more than a game of following the leader – it’s about equality and the common good. It’s about people first if government is truly about representation and democratic principles.

  2. I am not okay with women being denigrated and all that but I am also not okay with the democrats staying in power they have caused an enormous amount of damage in this country and to it’s citizens this is why Trump got elected and just so you know Trump was never my ideal

    • With Trump not being your ideal did you yet then vote
      for the cliche of “the lesser of two evils” which
      in essence is more about coercion than choice?
      I agree that successive administrations have done
      damage – examples of this damage are Reagan’s
      “trickle down economics”, the Republican authored
      and promoted “trade deal” known as NAFTA signed
      into law by a Democratic president, the Iraqi
      war instigated by Bush that accomplished nothing
      other than countless deaths including those of
      non combatant men, women, and children while
      leading to increased terrorist activity, the Koch
      brothers pursuit of Citizens United that Reps
      goose stepped to in support of, the egregious
      ramping up of drone strikes by the current
      administration increasing the death toll of non
      The fiscal mess left by Bush and his Wall Street
      cronies and the appointment of Wall Streeters
      to key positions by the current administration.
      Which by the way Trump is mimicking.
      When it comes to damage I believe we haven’t
      seen the worst of it yet.
      The reality is the middle class is declining,
      and it is the middle class that defines the
      economic stability of a nation – cutting taxes
      for the wealthy will not and has never increased
      the size of the middle class – nor does a subsistence
      level minimum wage.
      So the question can only arise how will Trump and the
      Reps make “America great” when they and he are opposed
      to a minimum wage increase while doing everything to
      increase the wealth of one percenters?
      Simple metric – better wages equal smaller demand for
      social assistance programs, increased tax revenue that could
      be dedicated to public works programs related to infrastructure,
      more buying power for workers,and increased productivity to meet
      demand, which in turn translates to more jobs, all the result of
      placing people first rather than the wealthy.
      Trump got elected for a variety of reasons, one being his
      opposition, a seriously flawed candidate with a sense of
      entitlement matched only by that of her opponent.
      Additionally because people care more about sound bites than
      substance and weren’t willing to actually do the math for the
      themselves – had they of done so they would have rejected
      both candidates.
      We live in a country where anyone with internet access
      can create and promote fake news, fake conspiracies like
      the government concealing impending doom from a rogue planet
      named Nibiru, aliens walking among us,Columbine was a hoax,
      and thousands of people celebrating in the streets of NY
      following 911 – in some way this speaks to the inability
      of the electorate to arrive at a reasoned and fact based
      The reality of climate change is a slam dunk, only a fool
      or corporate minion would deny it – yet to the man and woman
      among elected Republicans they do just that endangering every
      living person on this planet and the future of those who will
      Why do they take this approach? Unfettered greed, and a profound
      ignorance that hears only the voice of their corporate handlers.
      People will take issue if an environmental issue is placed at their
      doorstep but seemingly ignore it if global in nature or the next
      county/state over.
      Assuming you are a parent would you have an issue if such a
      threat existed in your neighborhood or a school your child attended?
      If so do you consider the global threat equally as threatening and
      would you support a candidate who will ignore such a threat?
      Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood was an avid
      proponent of eugenics, a well established fact if any chose to do the
      math – as an indigenous person I’m well aware of eugenic and genocidal
      policies directed at the nations, yet to defund Planned Parenthood is
      to deny pre and postnatal care to a large number of women that could lead
      to a variety of health issues – a kicking to the curb of those perceived
      to be children of lesser god while going on about family values and a
      faux for public consumption expression of Christian values and beliefs.
      The lesser of two evils? I don’t think so.
      When addressing a variety of issues like gun control or religion I’ve
      offered the opinion that responsible gun owners need to step up and retake
      their right in a responsible manner, not leave it to fear mongering entities
      like the NRA or those “patriots” whose entire wardrobe consists of camo and
      surplus military attire.
      I’ve said the same related to Christianity – responsible Christians need to take
      back their religion rather than being dragged along by evangelicals and for
      profit televangelist.
      The same can be said of political parties, the clear headed responsible within
      such parties need to take their party back rather than surrender to cults of
      personality and the “official” party line – there’s no disgrace, no dishonor,
      no betrayal, in doing any of this and should be considered to be an obligation.
      Governing is about more than 2,4, or 6 year terms, it’s about more than getting
      re elected or confined to the present, it is or should be about the long
      term, the future.
      In the end we all find ourselves in the same boat, better to be mindful of that
      and make the effort to have our voices heard and try to row in the same direction.

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