8 comments on “GOOD JOB VS A CADILLAC

  1. Good advice and review for homeowners.

    The comments “I don’t exaggerate a problem with predictions of doom and gloom – I tell them straight up what the problems and solutions are..” and , “When it becomes a reflection of ego and wealth I have zero respect for that and seriously unimpressed,” are a succinct characterization of your feelings about the next President, except that the “solutions” part could be more specific. I’ve avoided any comment to this point because I’m in that group that’s willing to wait until he takes office and either puts up or shuts up (an oxymoron, I know). Still enjoy your posts though.

    But on a more relevant matter, to me and many others for the moment. Five more days…

    • The solutions construction related are in most instances well established – Trumps election amounts to little more than a misguided effort to take a short cut and use inferior materials in the process.
      I liken it to a homeowner, some of whom I’ve dealt with, that once having received an insurance settlement immediately begin thinking about how much they can wind up with post repairs and begin looking for short cuts.
      Human nature perhaps but also short sighted.
      A part of the elective solution would be for people to set party bias aside and educate themselves when it comes to issues – that isn’t the way of it though.
      What it’s about is having the party logo of choice tattooed on their forehead, casting reason aside, and following the pied piper of choice.
      I doubt Trump is capable of putting up in any meaningful way, but it would be a welcome relief if he would shut up for a change.

      • I hear ya. One thing for certain, politicians have to be thick-skinned. Being thin-skinned in that business leads to picking fights that don’t need to be fought. One needs to pick their battles wisely.

        67 hours and 45 minutes….

      • Well, we’re gonna see what we’re gonna see, hopefully
        the next four years won’t become a national nightmare.
        But I believe the future beginning 1-20-17 doesn’t bode
        well for the nations or the nation, eager to be proven
        wrong though.

      • Guess you heard the news that Peltier’s clemency petition was denied today.

        There is no cause for celebration, only that justice has been served.

        “In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
        Ed W.

      • I in fact did and expect an effort will begin to apply for commutation following the
        procedural one year waiting period.
        A commutation anything but likely to occur.
        In the lead up to this clemency effort Peltier came as close to an admission of guilt
        as he ever has, perhaps it would have been in his best interests if he dropped the
        facade and told the truth for a change.
        Maybe now that the key has irrevocably been thrown away he will in the interest of
        “healing the nations” make a clean breast of it and allow “his people” to get on with
        their own lives – a thing a warrior would do.
        This denial of clemency is being portrayed by his attorneys and supporters as a “death
        sentence” while ignoring that by Peltier issuing a death sentence to his victims he
        ultimately condemned himself by the same hand.
        No celebration on this end nor any sympathy, it is what it is.

  2. Well I suppose whether Obama grants Peltier clemency or not comes under the heading of a good or bad job.
    Obama has been on something of a tear related to legacy building as all presidents are inclined to do on the way out of office.
    In truth I wouldn’t be too surprised if he did grant clemency or something akin to that in a misguided effort to promote “healing” among the nations.
    Editorials, blogs, and expressed opinions don’t come with a guarantee of the way things will be.
    My opinions are well known but I’m not the one who holds the keys.

    In expanding the blog to discuss “jobs” in general the below linked article cites the “job” North Dakota Republican legislators are failing at – it in fact easily translates to a license to kill and very well could incite vehicular manslaughter.
    This in the expressed “concerns” would have the public believe it is something along the lines of a more appropriate law known as the Good Samaritan Act where an individual who attempts to assist an injured person but does more harm than good suffers no liability.
    Something of a stretch? Not at all as this Bill as written potentially exonerates any who inflict harm whether intentional or accidental while attempting to portray it as a meaningful and just piece of legislation.
    The onus or loophole would be proving intent vs “his bill would mitigate instances when panicked drivers might have accidentally “punched the accelerator rather than the brakes” as protesters blocked the roads.”

    “A bill that state GOP Rep. Keith Kempenich introduced would exempt drivers from liability if they accidentally hit a pedestrian, according to the Bismarck Tribune. House Bill 1203 was written up in direct response to groups of protesters blocking roadways, Kempenich told the paper. He claims protesters were seen jumping out in front of vehicles.”

    What’s next – will a bill be introduced that absolves shooters who claim their victim jumped in front of a bullet? And let’s not forget fellow conservative Trump who claimed he witnessed thousands of people in the streets celebrating 911 – it’s increasing obvious conservatives who hold office lack any familiarity with facts or the truth.
    As Bugliosi said – a person is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

    I submit that anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a gas pedal and a brake pedal has no business driving.

    When I first began this blog I never for a moment expected a consensus of opinion among readers, to that end I have repeatedly challenged the Peltierites and Shaimsters to engage in a related discussion to no avail save for a well know individual.
    I’ve also repeatedly encouraged readers to do the math for themselves on topics ranging from social issues to cameras and lenses and arrive at a reasoned conclusion.
    Waiting to see what Trump will do isn’t much different than falling into frigid water and waiting to see if hypothermia will develop – looking at his tweets, appointments, and history clearly define his character.
    The Office will not elevate Trump, he will abuse and devalue it, and in the process further exacerbate the national division – not to mention using it as a vehicle to further increase his wealth, his families wealth, and the wealth of the billionaires club.
    I believe there is no more relevant issue at this moment or any moment than the direction this country will take.
    Peltier is where he belongs – his actions put him there – on the other hand Trump has no qualifications to hold any elected office – his actions prove that.
    As to comments feel free if you disagree, I’m confident we can keep it civil.


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