One comment on “A FOOL FOR COLOR

  1. Having spoken of my affinity for color and colors that “pop” in photography there are a number of lenses that deliver but none in my opinion better than Zeiss lenses – the now legendary Zeiss color is what they are all about, and have been for decades.
    It is a constant in a world of surprises both good and bad, and it isn’t necessary to own a newer version to avail oneself of it.
    With the advent of photo editing software any image produced by any lens can be made to scream color but I am drawn to the inherent honesty of the way a Zeiss lens goes about it.
    The above photo is the product of a Zeiss lens as shot – the lens a Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8.
    In appearance simplistic and unassuming – the equivalent of a mom van with a NASCAR engine hidden beneath the hood.
    Someday I’’ll acquire a Zeiss Batis and a Zeiss Loxia, and the beauty in the waiting is it won’t make any difference how old either lens is when it comes to performance and colors that pop.

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