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  1. I don’t believe that it is the majority, either way. It’s barely 48 hours and there’s anxiety over things that have not even happened. Deep breaths, and let’s see what develops…the failures will then be apparent and have some teeth. I believe flying the flag upside down is the sign of distress and much too early for that. Although, I did once with the flag in front of the house. On occasion I have flown an Israeli flag (did for a week after the UN abstain vote). The smarter neighbors understood, the others asked if I was jewish 😉

    • A lot of anxiety is generated by what people say predicated
      on what they have already done or said, in this case I would
      say anxiety is well founded.
      As to a majority Clinton did win the majority popular vote,
      though in my opinion she is equally as unqualified, and Trump’s
      popularity in taking office is the lowest or near the lowest of
      anyone to be sworn in – which to me says the
      majority of people don’t approve.
      Government sites related to climate change,lbgt issues, and
      a host of others have been taken down – that sounds like an
      authoritarian approach to me rather than effort to represent everyone.
      The wait and see approach has historically not worked out well from
      Hitler’s rise to power to military coups or intervention with the
      expectation it will lead to “nation building”.
      This is a system of governance that allegedly serves the people,
      in looking at Trump’s cabinet appointees it becomes obvious this
      intent is singularly about increasing the flow of revenue to the
      So I’d ask a few of questions of you – should Trump be bashing
      intelligence agencies merely on the basis that their findings
      might be embarrassing for him? Should he release his tax forms?
      And do you think Russian hacking or Comey’s faux pas to put it
      nicely influenced the election, should they be taken seriously,
      and looked into?
      Do you believe an ethics committee should exist in government?
      Should SSI be privatized, or worse, abandoned, and those dependent
      upon it be kicked to the curb?
      This too a part of the Trump/conservative agenda.
      How about his children – do you believe they should sit in on policy
      meetings, have any input into them or be given security clearances?
      Lastly do you think as I do that Trump will use the office to increase
      his personal wealth and that of his brood?

      Much the same as your neighbors understood re the Israeli flag I
      believe that this nation and others would was well if people lowered
      their flag to half mast.
      The color pink has certainly taken on an added dimension that is
      readily understood globally, I believe it would be the same with
      black armbands.


      • This raises many issues that would take considerable time to discuss or debate and even simple yes or no answers could need further explanation.

        Regarding the Hitler reference (a term that’s been thrown around on both sides too often), America hasn’t been, and is not today, the defeated post WW1 Germany of the 1930s that created the vacuum within which a psychopath captured rising nationalism that led to the utter devastation of WWII.

        I certainly understand the anxiety based on someone’s prior statements and track record, but people can change, with the caveat and danger of the corrupting force of power.

        America has just gotten fed up with politics as usual. (Have watched a lot of history documentaries, and have been doing more reading…now that I have a little extra free time from the constant distraction of DasD…and looking back 150+ years, they were arguing over the same issues people are complaining about today.) So, little has changed, and now…and only time will tell…whether this step in another direction, a new political experiment, will work. I’m one that hopes so, but will also call-out the actual failures. Just like any administration, they promise the world and deliver very little. If this time only half of what’s promised is delivered, it will be a good thing. Also recognizing that there may be unacceptable social causalities along the way.

        There’s no question about the “optics” and appearances of the wealthiest at the helm and any decisions could foster the idea of self-promotion/aggrandizement. It’s the double edged sword, with that kind of wealth they can’t be bought or need to be beholding (as so many politicians are to special interests to promote their next reelection campaign), but then everything will be seen through the prism of, What’s in it for them.

        Will they all do the right thing when it comes to the hard choices? I hope so.

        Moving forward, and already they’re testing/pushing, my greatest concern/fear for the country is North Korea led by a certifiable lunatic, and second a nuclear Iran.

        The blog mentions:

        “Government sites related to climate change, lbgt issues, and a host of others have been taken down – that sounds an authoritarian approach to me rather than effort to represent everyone.”

        That’s a prima facie example of an administration going in the wrong direction.

        Which sites have been taken down?

      • I believe a great deal has changed in the last hundred and fifty years – concerns may
        be time/era centric but a hundred and fifty years ago no nation had the ability to
        start a nuclear war with the potential of global annihilation.
        A hundred and fifty years ago the Antarctic ice wasn’t melting at a rate of 159 gigatonnes annually, the air we breathe was cleaner, earthquakes that are the result of fracking weren’t happening, water from taps wasn’t ignitable, not a child in a Michigan township was exposed to lead in the water due to sweetheart deals,cronyism,or government inaction.
        It was impossible for terrorist to crash into the Twin Towers or governments being fearful
        they would acquire a “dirty bomb”, and the mere hint that a foreign country interfered in
        a national election would have caused all hell to break loose.
        Domestic spying if it occurred was tame in comparison to today’s version, politicians
        actually could be held accountable and if caught once in a blatant lie much less as a
        matter of course would not have been able to offer “alternative facts”.
        Government sites being scrubbed of issues important to people and a nation would certainly and understandably give rise to the anxiety mentioned previously – and this before the ink of power has had a chance to dry.
        One example was scientists rushing to download decades of climate change research and information from government archives before it was removed.
        Nationalism propelled Hitler to power, the same nationalism that Trump cultivated – a
        nationalism that fed on “enemies” like the Jews – fast forward and the enemies are Muslims, Mexicans, the media, anyone who begs to differ or point out that the Emperor truly has has no clothes,but more importantly actual facts – I see little difference in the approach, the propaganda, or the what the end results are and will be.
        I’d like to think people are capable of change, but I also know some are not and accept that, an example of this inability to change is one we have commonly agreed upon,Peltier, another well known pathological liar.
        We should all be concerned about North Korea and Iran, but at them same time I’m concerned about the potential for an incident like Kent State or the Veterans Bonus Camp under this administration, and if the possibility exists it could occur at Standing Rock.
        Trump promised to release his tax forms, now he says he won’t – another lie. What should people make of that?
        He spent his time visiting the CIA accompanied by the personal crew he always brings along to laugh and applaud at the right time – now he says he loves intelligence agencies after having spent weeks, months, castigating and belittling them.Talk about certifiable.
        So what is the attraction? He’s a business man who hired and stiffed undocumented workers?
        A business man constantly being sued and settling? A business man whose bankrupted his own casino and filed bankruptcy no less than four times?
        An America first business man who rails about jobs and imports Chinese materials to construct his latest hotel and whose Make America Great hats are made in China, Bangladesh, and India?
        Prima facie examples ? A boxcar load – all things considered I don’t see any basis for hope.
        But if one of us is to be proven wrong better if I am, and would be pleased if I were.

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