1. Wall Street hedges it’s bet donating to both campaigns, something they always do asserting it is patriotic to do so, not to mention they weren’t sure if Trump could pull it off.
    A strategy that worked big time as they’ve been given free rein now with dear leader in the oval office.
    Gutting regulations as a pretense of creating jobs ignores the fact that a job doesn’t amount to squat if you can’t drink the water, breathe the air, or have the ability to know what is in the food you eat and can safely consume.
    Cutting taxes for the wealthy and shifting the burden to the working class isn’t a formula for elevating a nation.
    Hobbling public education and depriving women and children of pre and post natal care doesn’t qualify as family values or a Christian ethic for that matter.
    Privatizing prisons is singularly about profit for a select few and will lead to increased incarceration levels.
    Turning the WH into a branch office of Wall Street isn’t going to make the country great.
    Propping up a fossil fuels antiqued industry that should have been moved away from can arguably be considered criminal in intent for the willfully gluttinous collateral damage it produces.

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