1. In thinking about it Peltier has been played like a cheap fiddle.
    How so? Well consider the way in which the AIM leadership was able to escape prosecution for the murders they committed at WK2 by diverting attention to Peltier’s “innocence”.
    The feds were after blood following the execution style murder of agents Williams and Coler and AIM knew it.
    Of course mere women, a black civil rights workers, and few men don’t count as much to prosecutors as do two federal agents.
    But the trove of information Peltier could have offered might very well have served to mitigate his circumstances.
    He still would have been convicted and given a boat load of time but parole might have been possible.
    Instead Peltier has sat staring at walls while his “brothers” have come and gone as they pleased.
    Not only was the public sold the myth but Peltier as well as he bought into it hook, line, and sinker.
    The attraction I assume was that Peltier liked the idea of being a “figure”, so much so it blinded him to the reality that the leadership never really gave a damn about him, he was just a tool – he was the thug known as Dumb as Dirt.
    If AIM hadn’t promoted Peltier he’d just be another number, another cop killer no one would give a damn about.
    Bank$ “walks” and associated free Peltier have been cleverly orchestrated to promote Bank$, scam some money, and keep Peltier mollified.
    Bank$ has done well, he owns multiple properties and businesses, has a quasi recording and acting career, made some bucks off a book and made some more money corrupting and selling ceremonies.
    What a guy huh? What a success story and role model.
    On the other hand Peltier has grayed, become overtly obese, increasingly confused, and continues to stare at walls – ah well, the price of fame and “glory” I suppose, the “sacrifices” of a “warrior”.
    Peltier has lashed out at his attorneys, presidents who didn’t come through for him, volunteers,
    and even celebrities who have supported him, but never the AIM leadership – that’s kind of a hmmm to me.
    But then he’s inside and his family is on the outside, and the families of people who have spoken against AIM have been threatened on more than one occasion – so maybe Peltier finds himself in a catch 22 sort of situation.
    Is Peltier “warrior” enough to ever speak the truth?
    I don’t think so, after all he wasn’t referred to as Dumb as Dirt without a reason.

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