1. I look at this and remember the ten of thousands of our children that were murdered not just over a few decades but centuries – I remember that they were fed to dogs, swung by their heels and had their heads bashed against walls, rocks, or whatever was handy.
    I remember they were stolen and sent to “boarding schools” where they were physically and sexually abused, some murdered, but all left with a trauma to carry throughout the remainder of their lives.
    I remember how our women were slaughtered, sterilized, raped, murdered, scalped and had their breasts cut off to make into tobacco pouches.
    I see how the government has historically turned an uncaring eye to our MMIW and how they have been indifferent to prosecuting rape cases, how it will trash any treaty agreement if and when it cares to.
    I’ve seen how our children amount to an afterthought, part of the ndn problem to toss a bone their way if media attention happens to turn in their direction.
    So I won’t entertain so much as a nickels worth of bs about anything related whether in this country, this hemisphere, or globally, and I don’t give a damn who likes it or who doesn’t.
    I don’t give a damn if liberals huff and puff claiming I’m misguided lacking an understanding or conservatives throw themselves on the floor and have a tantrum.
    And I really don’t give a damn about wannabe experts and internet pundits who call themselves “critical thinkers” that can find an excuse for everything and think it a mark of intellectual brilliance to argue both sides from the middle.
    Call me a hawk if that works for you, but I’ve been around long enough to know a bully never
    quits of their own volition – they have to be confronted, if not then give them an inch and they’ll
    take the proverbial mile and you’ll be left to bemoan the fact when they do saying something needs
    to be done.

  2. your rattling cages and jerking peoples chains again rez, my wife just said you got the paint on and she remembers you said your an equal opportunity offender and don’t play favorites, we respect that.

    • Thanks shard – better I think if everyone would be willing to put the
      paint on and wipe the party bar code from their forehead to “offend”
      if the need arose.

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