1. You are a man strong in the all the good ways rezinate, much respect and love for you.

  2. I love this photo rezinate, I don’t assume I have a right to a screen grab
    so if I contact you would you email a copy?
    This is an amazing story that drew me in and I can understand your reluctance
    to share it.

  3. revisiting you after all this time, tonight, to sort to reflect and still. try to make sense of all that remains, perplexing. i find your gramma story. your poetry of heart your truth of spirit here. and now. with your telling, understand more about what you have said, off and on, over the years. understand more, than ever before. the warrior song the halfs and halfs again are yes what brought you to share what you have, all this time. with your gramma i will now go to town. and see the stores and movies, differently. that is, i am re reading your sentiments, from times past. with more understanding. in the end. thank you, thank your mother and gramma. for all you do. i mean it.

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