1. Since initially posting this I’ve been asked if I’m anti science?
    My response is not at all, to deny the benefits science has provided would be short sighted if nothing else.
    The point is while I can appreciate those benefits I think it’s important to address other scientific pursuits and offer the opinion that my belief is there are more pressing matters for science to concern itself with than the glowing puppies ad chickens with dinosaur legs mentioned.
    I in fact believe all branches of science should mount a concerted effort related to climate change.
    I believe the human genome research and discoveries should be public access – freeware so to speak rather than becoming patented property by big pharma and corporations, which is actually an effort to patent life for profit.
    If it was a matter of funding researchers who accepted grants from pharmaceuticals related to the human genome research project those doing the research knew what the end game was – a game that led to patents on the findings for control and profit.
    In that knowledge they aided and abetted what amounts to patents on life itself and should have refused such corporate funding.
    Inspite of being told by a scientist, a physicist to be exact, that science has no moral responsibility I believe it does – if not then free reign would be given to the stereotypical “mad scientist” with no accountability.
    I believe the pursuit of knowledge which is the cornerstone claim of science does not imply anything goes – that there should be checks and balances within the scientific community
    Now I don’t know if so much as a single scientist will read this but if one should I’d like them to weigh on in this issue of moral responsibility, whether they or the scientific community at large believe a moral responsibility exists or not?
    In saying moral responsibility I attach no religious connotations to that and that should be understood – but what I am saying is no one is above accountability or responsibility.

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