One comment on “REFRESHED

  1. A while back I had stopped by to see a friend in town who owned a camera shop just to have a cup and see what the latest new or used was.
    He had handed me a Fuji mirrorless camera and asked what I thought about it?
    Then a for real customer entered as my friend attended to him, an obvious hope to die film as opposed to digital buff.
    I couldn’t help but notice he kept looking my direction and chalked it up to the long hair and all – used to that, and people possibly thinking I’ve jumped the rez and on the loose.
    Wasn’t long before he asked me if I was going to buy the Fuji and I replied no – smart he said, digital images are flat and lack the dimensional appearance film does.
    Responding I said I wasn’t going to purchase the Fuji because I already owned a mirrorless but knew Fuji had a solid reputation.
    That seem to kinda put the guy off and he attempted to engage me in a discussion about the related merits of film as opposed to digital.
    Not wanting to get into such a conversation I informed him I also had an older film camera and enjoyed both worlds.
    As to dimension I believe digital images are capable of a very real dimensional appearance – I don’t expect universal agreement only expressing my opinion based on experience.
    And to tell you the truth I’ve seen some very flat film and digital images – so like the majority of things it comes down to personal taste and nothing wrong with that.
    I believe the above photo is an example of this dimensional quality.

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