1. When it comes to photography as an instrument to archive cultures, the oft times inequity and struggles the list of photographers worthy of mention is a lengthy one.
    Among those whose images have stayed with me the most are Edward S. Curtis, Dorothea Lang, Matthew Brady, and Sebastiao Salgado.
    There are of course others I could mention but this is the short list – and while on the subject I would highly recommend the documentary The Salt of the Earth that chronicles the career and contribution of Salgado.
    Never before in the history of humanity has the ability existed among so many to play an archivists role, to capture what is and the ongoing changes that will transform what is into what was from the smallest of insects to societal and environmental upheavals – the journey from childhood to old age, from peace to war and back again.
    Photographs are in many instances a tangible memory, something to hold in your hand when printed or to view on a monitor.
    They can be frivolous, playful, self serving, serious, artful, visionary, of a documentary nature or any number of things, but ultimately they are a blink of the eye, a moment in time that can never be physically revisited as time is never stationary, it’s forward movement relentless.
    It doesn’t matter the photographic equipment you have, be it a cellphone, film based SLR, a Polaroid
    that prints it own, DSLR, mirror less, or have invested thousands of dollars in high end cameras and lenses you are to one degree or another a documentarian whether that has ever been your intent or not – and that’s something to think about on occasion, the ephemeral moment you just captured, the exact unique reality of that singular nano second in time that will never be again.
    In the end have fun, enjoy what you do, if it doesn’t go exactly as you would have it to don’t become discouraged or mentally beat yourself up, and keep in mind that if you’re running a marathon it might be nice to finish faster than others but the real accomplishment is in being true to yourself and having ran the course.

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