4 comments on “CONVERSIONS

  1. Masterful !
    Some time ago you said you were working your way up to post what you referred to as keepers.
    You must surely consider these to be keepers or if not then we’re in for a treat when you do.
    I think you know a great deal more about photography than you let on to and are an accomplished photographer.
    And I must say I am a little confused why you don’t receive more likes when I look at other sites.
    Have you been pulling our leg and do you offer prints for sale?

    • Appreciate the compliment though I don’t consider myself a master, and no I’ve never offered prints but if you’ll email me I’d be glad to send you the attached photo as a tiff file you can either print or have printed – the only stipulation being it isn’t used for commercial purposes or distributed without my consent – if so the honorable thing would be to make a donation to an indigenous cause.
      Kind of have to laugh as no I’m not pulling anyone’s leg and I feel as though I’ve been open in designating photos I’ve posted as older ones I took along the way as opposed to the “keepers”.
      I’m better at this now then I was a few years ago but still learning – the number of photographers better than me if stood end to end would probably reach to the moon.
      And yes I consider the above photos to be keepers with a three star or so rating out of a possible five on my personal scale.
      If you’re a B+W fan check out the sites of some of those who have posted likes like Joshi Daniels, agrandaiz, simoneteffect, and leanne cole – I would refer to them as masterful at what they do.
      I believe that everyone has an inherent desire, even a need to create whether it’s their job, art, gardening, music, crafts, poetry, or photography.
      In that belief I would recommend you take a look at the various sites of all who have posted likes in my blog.
      Each has something to offer and I would only add that whatever our individual pursuits are we shouldn’t approach them as sort some of competition – I don’t care who you are or what you do there is always someone better.
      So the only competition should be with oneself to be the best we can be.
      Friendly competitions are different- if we play a game or enter a competition we strive to win, but we should know what is a game and what isn’t and conduct ourselves accordingly or we’ll spend our lives being disappointed.

  2. I wanted to ask you if you use Nik Silver Efex Pro
    and what your opinion of it is?
    Really love these photos, they make me jealous.

    • I’m familiar with the software, never used it, but know people who do that
      produce some great images – I understand it is offered as freeware now so
      maybe I’ll check it out.
      Thanks for the compliment and no need to be jealous – anything I do in
      photography you and others can do as well.

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