1. I’m basically going to paraphrase what I’ve said in previous blogs – Trump apparently believes his power as president is absolute, beyond question or reproach.
    Equally as apparent is the promotion of this by the minions he trots our to defend their Dear Leader, another cadre of gutless wonders who are more comfortable being a stooge than speaking a word of truth.
    That is where the slippery slope of decline predicated in large part by America becoming a shameless corporate state has led the nation.
    The Marshall plan has been universally touted as a shining moment – it was a Republican president that signed that bill into law.
    The Industrial Military complex is commonly understood now, and social programs defended by Eisenhower have also been understood as serving the common welfare – Eisenhower, a Republican president.
    The National parks system, a major step in protecting the environment was the result of a Republican president – Theodore Roosevelt.
    Republicans are not the party of Lincoln or any of the aforementioned – they are the party of Nixon who once said if a president does something it isn’t illegal.
    They are the party of Bush who led this country into war based on a lie of WMDs and the nation to the brink of financial ruin.
    They have become the party of white nationalists, racists, religious intolerance, misogyny as a lifestyle, climate change denial, kicking the sick, elderly, children and poor to the curb, and global isolationism – demagogues enslaved to corporate money and an evangelical movement that qualifies not as a religion but a cult – a Republican party operative and propagandist shamelessly claiming divine guidance in the midst of wailing about the separation of church and state, of being in the world but not of it.
    I can think of no better word to describe evangelicals and Republican pols than hypocrites.

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