10 comments on “FREEDOM LEADER

  1. Well said! My holiday is almost over and then I go back to the daily grind. Like a saying I once read that went something like this: I could care less about having money but the people I owe it to sure do!
    We don’t live beyond on our means and still have to work hard to survive in this world.

    • It’s good to catch a break from the grind, an opportunity to
      relax and regroup- appreciate your comment, integrity, and
      the humor.
      We all have some measure of indebtness whether it be financial
      in nature, to our families and loved ones, our fellow man, or
      to this planet that sustains us.
      I like your user name, to me it implies don’t wait to do something
      positive – do it.
      Be well and stay strong.

  2. Thank you. I am taking that advice and not going to wait to start a pay for site our adventure in learning photography. I will start another personal blog after. In the mean time I will be shutting down the other blog. Hope to be back soon. I have always loved reading your blog over the years. I wasn’t too vocal here (you will laugh when I tell you a certain someone you often wrote about is in my family tree) because we had different opinions on some things and didn’t want to make waves.

    I like the way you write and what you post here including your wonderful pictures. I’ll let you know when I am up and running again.

    • (you will laugh when I tell you a certain someone you often wrote about is in my family tree)

      Something of a surprise and evidence that it in many aspects it is a small world as they say.
      I wouldn’t say diplomacy has been my strong suite in addressing issues I have but I’ve never
      believed that to be the purpose of my blog.
      There’s obviously a growing number of people interested in photography and a blog such as your’s
      can have a positive effect – a place to inform and learn. The addition of garden related topics
      has made it multifaceted and a positive.
      Again I appreciate the compliment and wishing nothing but the best for you and your’s in future
      endeavors and looking forward to your new blog.

  3. It’s okay very distant in the tree. But it is funny, just knowing that, I was always so sure of his innocence. Your blog made me question that belief.

    I am up and running. Much of it will be a bit of a repeat in the beginning. I will be linking to new garden blog in the future. My husband will be the main contributor there. I will add the preserve recipes among other things.

    Wishing you the best as well.

    My .ca domain has not went through yet, so I hope the link works.


    • Congrats on you and your husbands new blog, important in my opinion that
      couples have shared interests and pursuits as well as individual ones.
      Inspite of the name change apparently the “dontwait” attitude remains
      intact as it didn’t take long to get up and running and the name photogate
      works well.
      In putting together the relative and not wanting to make waves I had
      a feeling who was being referenced but names aren’t important.
      Will check out your new site after commenting and follow as well,
      looking forward to it’s contents.

      • There’s a lot to be said for longevity in relationships, common
        goals, shared responsibilities, and a willingness to compromise
        if necessary.
        Was talking to man on a job once who told me he and his wife
        had been married for twenty six years – he kind of shook his
        head with a smile and said it was little hard to believe.
        Not that they didn’t get along just the number of years.
        So since bantering isn’t uncommon on a job I asked if he would
        be coming up for parole any time soon or get time off for good
        We were on side by side ladders and he nearly fell off his from

      • LOL! That is so funny. We are in construction too. We work together. Still sane.

      • Apparently after telling his wife she thought it was funny enough
        to send me a piece of pie the next day with the comment of how and
        where to apply? A good woman with a great sense of humor.
        The trades are among the most honorable of professions in my
        opinion – satisfying at the end of the day to be able to see
        exactly what has been accomplished and will keep you fit in the

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