1. It’s hard to imagine people actually saying the things I read in that article. They think if they say it enough, it becomes truth. Sadly, it works. People end up believing the things they hear. I always dig deeper. If the general public ever tried doing the things they do, we would never get away with it. I guess rules only apply to other people. Total fraud, outright lies. It’s all okay for them.

    We would end up in court or jail.

    • “They think if they say it enough, it becomes truth.”
      You’re right about that but what is worse is the understanding
      that you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s
      actually what the speaker believes.
      That it is the belief of an elected official whose job it is to serve
      the common welfare of the entire nation.
      The problem is a lot of people aren’t willing to invest even a modicum
      of effort to “dig deeper”- they’ll spend more time examining produce
      or product labels in a store than they will doing a little fact checking,
      being led is easier than thinking.

      • I have become so used to everything being lies when I read an article that perks my interest, I look up what they were recently working on, or with. Backgrounds, employment. It’s awful.
        I read about a building that held files catch on fire and wonder what was being destroyed and why. Pretty sad when we can’t trust those who we pay to people who are supposed to have our best interest and safety as their priority. I really can’t say that these are the “better” days.

      • I read a couple of articles about a well known public figure
        who while being under investigation related to taxes fires
        destroyed all records on two separate occasions a couple of
        years apart.
        Increasingly it seems as though “better days” are restricted to
        smaller areas, and the product of things like the circle of friends
        and families, what we do in the day to day, our surroundings, and
        the joys large or small that are created or occur within this personal
        And while there may be no statutes related to this restriction I
        consider the reality to be the equivalent of a crime.
        Some would argue we are responsibility for our own or shared joy and
        there is truth in that, but another truth that cannot be ignored is
        what impinges that ability and is it acceptable?
        So I always tell people to live like they mean it and to stay strong
        and punchin’.

      • I assume Rebel Girl will respond to your comment when she next visits, in the
        interim thank you, and the avatar was drawn by a sister’s then four year old
        son as a depiction of myself.
        His mother is a very talented artist whose work has appeared in posts on this
        blog, mostly notable a blog entitled Mad Dog.
        Enjoyed your blog related to Costa Rica.


  2. Yes rezinate we know of these people who say such things and wonder if
    they have the mother or sister or wife and daughter.

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