1. I like to be in control of myself at all times which is why I don’t partake in drugs or alcohol. In my teens, sure I partied. 40 years later, just couldn’t imagine that becoming my daily life. The “stupid” part, yes, couldn’t agree more. I will have a drink on occasion, but a glass of wine is enough to have me feeling “not right” for hours.
    As long as people aren’t addicts, I feel, to each his own. Their choice. Their life. Just don’t call me up or make me listen to you when you are out of it, seriously, is there anything worse than getting stuck listening to someone blabber on when they are buzzed out on whatever they are taking? I’d rather eat liver than do that, and I hate liver!

    • I’m not opposed to drinking per se but it seems more people drink to get drunk
      than to relax, and any “holiday” or weekend apparently qualifies as a reason to,
      that’s a problem in my opinion.
      But I agree, in the end life is about choices and sometimes you and even others
      around you have to bear the brunt of them – though I’ve never eaten a shoe I’d
      rather eat one than get involved in all this sort of thing.
      If a person is a recovering addict or alcoholic I respect that and will do whatever
      I can to help – if the opposite is true then they need to keep a distance from me
      and mine.

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