1. The past cannot be changed, only the present and the future, guilt and responsibility accrues only to those who perpetuate wrongs done either in the past or the present – there is no all encompassing “white guilt”.
    The “sins” of my father whether being of the nations or any ethnicity are not mine unless I follow in his footsteps, and so it is with the sons and daughters of all men.

  2. Well said. Still, it is heart-breaking to think about what they endured. So unfair. I don’t even know what to say other than it never should have happened.

    • The hunter gatherer free roaming days are over and nothing to be done
      about that – no time machine, no magic wand, a little wishful thinking
      perhaps but that’s about it.
      Adaptation is the way of all life, but to my thinking adapting does
      not have to translate to a loss of language and culture – I hope the
      day never comes that when all that is left of the nations is some
      minute blood quantum and a Smithsonian display.
      That is an onus entirely on us – we’ve survived prolonged conflicts,
      genocide, boarding schools, the gulags, an egregious amount of lost
      “habitat”, resources, relocation, the age of steel, and government
      policies – a fact that leads me to believe we can survive something
      as insidious as assimilation if we have the desire and will to.
      I think of that as a sacred trust, a parental and individual duty
      passed from one generation to the next.
      We need to exercise a little discrimination in what we adopt, a
      measure of selectivity that insures a benefit without the loss of
      identity, culture, or language.
      I’m of the opinion that the “final solution” from a governmental
      viewpoint is assimilation as evidenced by the boarding schools
      and relocation – a seemingly benign strategy cloaked in religious
      aphorisms, rhetoric, and an underlying belief that “western
      civilization” is the zenith of human achievement.
      I want two things for our people and only two – to be either
      sovereign nations or a level playing field.
      With sovereignty comes the ability to enter into trade
      agreements with other countries that would lead to the
      development of infrastructure and jobs in our communities.
      The ability to govern ourselves, adjudicate crimes within
      our communities, institute meaningful programs, and elevate
      the standard of living, healthcare, and education – all of
      which seems to pose some sort of perceived threat to the
      powers that be who refuse to let go.
      If talk about “healing” is to be the way of it, these are
      the requirements – nothing less, nothing more.

      • And that is the least they should do. I have a love of history and have read plenty about what really happened as apposed to what they want us to think happened. Native Indian (I don’t know what the proper words are anymore) does run through my blood, and though I did my best to find all my lineage, I was never able to find actual documents. Tell you one thing, I was never more proud to find it in my family. That might sound “cheesy” to you, but I remember drilling my Grandfather for information all through my childhood to tell me more, and he wouldn’t. To this day, it upsets me that I have family out there that I do not know.

      • Doesn’t sound “cheesy” to me, I believe a person should be proud of whatever
        ancestry they have and a lot of people are in the same situation you find
        yourself in.
        There was a time especially during intermarriage when indigenous ancestry
        was denied thinking it would make things easier, a spouse would become more
        “acceptable”, children would have an easier time of it, additionally record
        keeping often wasn’t up to par or records were lost or destroyed by fire and
        other events.
        Some nations we’re denied recognition or removed from “official” records.
        The article sent to me that I posted glossed over several aspects to
        make it more palatable as in not mentioning the numbers killed by abuse,
        the sexual abuse that took place, the “discipline”, and replacing it with
        some children died during “outings”.
        This isn’t an something peculiar to the U.S. it has happened in Canada as
        well – to this day uncontacted tribes in the Amazon face the threat as the
        result of greed associated with resources and the fact they are “different”.
        I’d like to see the records on how many “outings” children were allowed
        to go on and how they happened to die during such an “outing.
        Ultimately it’s good that representatives of the Arapaho were able to
        recover the remains and it should become a united effort by all the nations
        to recover the remains of their nations children from the twenty four “boarding
        schools” that existed.
        This interest in history, in being able to ascertain and understand the
        the history is what drove me to reading and learning as much as I
        could after my “formal education” ended in the seventh grade as an
        effort to understand the English language as best I could and in doing
        so become familiar with how it is employed nuances, manipulation, and
        all in treaties, legislation, and revisionist attempts.
        Having done so has been an eye opener and made it a little more difficult
        to pull the wool over my eyes by those who believe doing so would be

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