4 comments on “LEOPARD LEAF

    • lol, no, I thought I had worded it in such a way people
      would know I was pulling their leg kind of like the
      mutant lady bug post I made a little while back.
      You’re not the first to ask, had some emails from
      friends asking the same, once I told them “crypto
      botanists” had confirmed the sighting and would be
      arriving shortly they knew which way the wind was
      Just a leaf photo I did a little manipulating to.

      • When I first saw it, I thought it could not be true, so I googled it. Nothing. Still, I know you are a smart guy and I don’t often see you joking around. LOL! You got me for a bit. 😉

      • Don’t know about smart but a sense of humor is important – we find it often in the day to day and appreciate a laugh or joke as much as anyone does – harder at times to pull it off on the net.
        Would be interesting if such a leaf existed in a world of other oddities though.

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