8 comments on “LEOPARD FLOWER

    • Thank you and yes I edit them.
      I tend to bounce around various editing programs and usually don’t
      limit myself to one – not much of fan of packaged software that
      comes with new cameras- a place to begin and then move on from.
      I mentioned Nik software in a previous blog, hadn’t used before a
      month or so ago but since Goggle kicked it loose and it became
      freeware I gave it a try and like it, pretty intuitive – you might
      consider doing so as well.
      PS is subscription based now, and for those with credit cards not a
      bad way to go, there’s an associated learning curve like most things.
      PS Elements is non subscription, reasonably priced, and a pretty good
      program.GIMP is something of a PS clone, freeware, and a learning
      What I like to do is once having edited a photo the way I like it is
      to the save the approach I took as a preset, not as a one size fits
      all but a starting point if that’s direction I want to go as I don’t
      believe there is a one size fits all.
      My preferred format for taking photos is RAW as it bypasses in camera
      processing which translates to a lot more information to work with.
      Jpegs fine but when it’s game time RAW and saving as a tiff is the
      way to go.
      Tiffs are larger files so the norm is to convert to jpeg if it’s
      going to be posted on the net.
      You can download a thirty day trial of PSE, test drive it and then
      decide if it’s for you or not- the same with Adobe Lightroom I
      I’ve used PS for some time and haven’t any real complaints – I’d
      recommend PSE to anyone new to photography – you can find it on the
      Adobe site or the disc in places like ebay, Amazon and any store like
      WalMart or BestBuy.
      Once you become familiar with it you may or may not want to try

      • Thanks, Rezinate. I Will check out Nik. I had never heard of it before. I had photoshop on an old desktop of mine that crashed years ago. It was a great program. I liked the clone button. I was doing genealogy at the time and repairing old photos. Never really learned how to do anything else. I appreciate the help.

      • There’s a fairly new program named Affinity available for either Mac or Windows that sells
        for around fifty dollars that does a good job and available as trial also I believe.
        Additionally there’s one by the name of Luminar for Mac only a friend uses and speaks
        highly of – probably a trial on that also.
        A good approach is try out a few trials, dedicate an hour or so a few times to become
        familiar with them and then decide which is the most user friendly for you.
        When I went digital I knew zero about editing, didn’t have any help and it was simply
        a trial and error thing – figure if I can do it anyone can, we’re talking a man
        here with a seventh grade education.
        I’d focus on a single aspect like layers until I understood it and could readily
        employ layers – then I’d focus on another step like masking using the same
        approach – you’ll reach a point where it becomes instinctual and no longer frustrating
        or intimidating. Lot of tutorials on the net as well, at the time I had a comp
        but no internet access.
        The clone stamp is a great tool as is the healing brush.

      • Thanks. I downloaded NIK but it said I have no compatible program to open it. I will try some of the trials and experiment with layering. It would be nice to spruce up my macro shots.
        We will probably end up getting photoshop because it is something we had both used before, and it seemed to be user friendly. I did try GIMP, found it a bit overwhelming, but it is probably me, I can get impatient when it comes to learning new things.

      • Hadn’t thought of that, must have assumed you did, but if you
        go with PS it should be compatible.
        PSE a has lot “helps” to guide a person along.
        Just had an exchange with a friend about Affinity, he’s sold
        on it saying it’s user friendly and he encourages people to
        download a trial, thinking about doing so myself just to see
        what’s up if nothing else.
        GIMP was supposedly initially created by former PS people, it
        is capable of doing a lot but I didn’t much care for it while
        others I know swear by it.
        I’m sure with whatever you choose you’ll do well.
        On another note gotten a few emails from friends saying having
        fooled them once with the Leopard Leaf they aren’t falling
        for the Leopard Leaf Flower…..guess I’ll have to try something

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