1. That picture is amazing. I love it! Thanks for taking the time to write about photography for us newbies. I doubt it would ever be a profession for me, but I would like to take pictures for friends and family. I think it is important to have a creative outlet.

    • Thank you, and I agree about the importance of a creative outlet, though
      it seems to me women are oft times more creative than men.
      You’re off to a good start as a “newbie” and I’ve no doubt you can go
      as far as you like – you have a good site that’s growing fast and covers
      multiple topics.
      Been getting ribbed that The Leopard Files sounds like the X Files and
      thinking about changing my name to Mulder.
      Curious if you’ve download any trials and if so interested in the results.

      • It is too bad not as many men have a creative outlet, it’s a great stress relief! I would go crazy if I didn’t have one.
        Ha! I loved the X-Files. I didn’t care for the new one that came out. I watch the old ones now and wonder what I was thinking at the time. So cheesy and predictable. At the time, I guess it was one of the better things to watch.
        Stranger Things is a great show on Netflix.
        I have been playing with Affinity and it seems pretty good. A bit of a learning curve, but I’m sure if I put my focus on it, I would do fine. I like the way it does the lighting, and the auto fix works well.

      • Heard good things about Affinity and been threatening to download
        a trial, so far that’s just been an idle threat but maybe today

      • Let me know what you think. Too bad I could not save it as a jpeg or anything else using the trial mode. I wanted to post the difference it made in the photo.

      • I don’t see a link or attachment so I’m not sure what
        you want me to look at or offer an opinion on.
        Bummer the Affinity trial doesn’t let you save, didn’t
        know that, I see such things as a sales ploy but if a person
        likes what they see I guess it works.

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