• Thank you again – in the past I actually displayed in a couple of
      art/photo shows and managed a few sales, not much into crowds, or
      some of the snobbery I encountered so I just do my own thing.
      Wasn’t really interested in doing so but was encouraged to by friends,
      family, etc so I did and kind of look at it now as no harm no foul.
      I wouldn’t discourage others from doing so if they’re so inclined,
      and it could be a stepping stone.
      Anything I’ve done in photography you and your husband can as well,
      just a matter of learning your way around what your aspirations are.

      • Well, the ones you have been doing are certainly gallery worthy! I know what what you mean about crowds. I am not much of a social person. We are homebodies. It’s hard to find much to talk about. I do see a lot of what are interested in, cropping up as mainstream thinking, where before people looked at us funny. (Food and the big M, natural health, politics those types of things)
        I do hope I could do what I see you are!

      • Home is where the heart is they say and while our individual
        pursuits and responsibilities may take us elsewhere in the day
        to day home is in the end where we are validated.
        Settle on a good program, create a daily disciple even if for
        only a short period of time and you’ll be surprised at what
        you can and will accomplish.

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