6 comments on “LEOPARD TOMATOES

  1. Whoever thought tomatoes could be art? And here you have done it! Are the other things blueberries and blackberries? I am starting to realize there is no end to what can be done, it’s all in what you can imagine and create. Very cool!

    • Thank you and yes they are blueberries and blackberries, big
      favorites around here.
      I checked out both Affinity and Luminar – Luminar takes a more
      simplistic approach with the intent I believe to be more user
      friendly, but of the two Affinity is better in my opinion.
      Every new editing program that comes out encourages and fuels
      talk about it being a PS slayer, I don’t believe either are but
      worth the money.
      Editing programs are the vehicle to take you where your
      imagination leads, both essentials in digital photography.
      The tomatoes remain edible but a little on the “gamey” side.

      • I am going to check out Luminar but in the end I think we will be going for one of the PS ones. At least it won’t be a big learning curve for us, having used it years ago.
        Good thing for me, is Rebel Guy takes the time to learn everything, then I can just ask him. I know I should be more proactive when it comes to sitting down and learning something. 😦

      • Assuming you use Mac then as Luminar if I understand it correctly
        is only currently available in a beta version for PC.
        PS Elements has a lot of features without the at times frustrating
        learning curve of it’s big brother – since you have a familiarity
        with PS it may be the best way to go.
        I know a few people who use a program named Corel Paintshop Pro
        that offers a trial – they speak highly of it and have been loyalists
        for some time.

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