9 comments on “LEOPARD IN THE WATER

  1. I know that I keep saying this, but the style of these photo’s are amazing. I love the contrast. I really like the darkness with the bright pop of colour. It’s almost like good versus evil.

    • Thank you
      Won’t be long before you’ll be doing the same you as delve
      into your software – hadn’t thought of the good an evil
      analogy but it’s an added perspective.

      • My niece was over last night and was showing me all the apps she has for her photography on her phone. There are some amazing things out there! I have practiced doing some like yours with various programs and am getting the concept of what to do. It will take some time, but once we get a real program, I will try to nail it down.
        As for good and evil: The light will prevail. 🙂

      • There are a ton of apps out there, new ones everyday in fact, so
        there’s a lot to wade through. Some are very good and some not
        so much as friends of mine can attest to as I continue to resist
        the cellphone culture.
        I don’t know what the future holds for photography but one thing
        I do know is that change itself becomes an accelerant.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me if at some point people had a receiver/transmitter
        implant so they could stay “connected” 24/7 – should that become the way
        of it and depending where the implant was located a person could literally
        say talk to the hand.

      • I know! There are people who can’t wait for things like that because they are brought up with all this technology and think it is a great idea. Hopefully I am long gone by then.

      • What amuses me is the manipulation that’s involved in the marketing
        of tech products – it’s about making something like a screen on
        a phone or tablet smaller and smaller until you need a magnifying
        glass to see anything as that is being touted as smaller is better
        and more convenient.
        Once that market has been thoroughly saturated then the screens become
        incrementally larger while being told that’s better and more
        If I want to browse the net, play some game, or watch a video my
        preference is to do so on a screen large enough to be enjoyable,
        not something I have to hold a foot away from my face or constantly
        zoom in and out – as they say though different strokes for different
        “Connectivity”, right…….I’d rather be connected to the real

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