1. I love these as art work, but would be just as happy to see that one on the front of a greeting card or calendar. Imagine a huge canvas print on the wall? Awesome!

    • Thank you.
      I’ve been approached about both greeting cards and posters, the original
      files are huge and saved for the purpose of large prints or posters,
      actually done a few posters for friends but that’s been the extent of
      Maybe when I’m old enough where swinging the hammer gets tough I’ll
      look in that direction.
      I have some friends who were photojournalists for one of the major media
      networks that retired several years ago who have encouraged me to do a
      book of the photos taken on different reservations – a bunch to go through,
      select, and collate which the gatherers have done but they’re very personal
      to me and I have mixed feelings about it.
      If the decision were made to follow through proceeds would go to indigenous
      needs and programs, and that is the singular enticement for me.
      I’ve never posted any of them or what I consider to be real keepers on the
      net believing as I done that they would wind up on a few sites I have some
      issues with.
      Art work? And me without a beret to name.

      • Photojournalist! I always wanted to do that when I was younger. I thought it would be exciting, until I saw how people infiltrate rallies/protests to make them an unsafe environment.
        A book about different reservations and what is happening would be great. I think mainstream media outlets are urged to keep quiet so the public is unaware. It used to be that the news reported anything they wanted. That is not the case. So many issues are not being exposed. I swear the water problems among other things are not just things that happened. They are things that are allowed to happen. I understand your hesitation though.

      • I think a career in photojournalism would be interesting as long
        as a person could retain a measure of autonomy – whether that is
        possible and to what degree in today’s for profit approach may be
        I’m always a little amused by what passes for news and what is
        glossed over – the Kardashians etal are not newsworthy in my
        opinion, and even more by what is labelled “fake news” by those
        attempting to put lipstick on a pig.
        There are people on the rez that don’t have electricity or running
        water in the most affluent country the world has ever seen while
        the idiot in the WH and his flying monkey brigade talk about defunding
        programs and cutting taxes for the wealthy.
        They go on about the high taxation rate for their handlers and never
        mention the boat load of loopholes, “credits” and exemptions that allows
        the largest corporations in this country to pay little or no taxes, guess
        that’s family values for you.
        Guess as well I’ll end this reply here before I really go off on a rant.

      • Ha! I use that “lipstick on a pig” line at work all the time. 🙂
        I hear you!It p’s me off all the money given to big business “to stay in the country for people to have jobs” meanwhile it pretty much covers wages.
        Tax dollars paying wages so big business can get rich. That is my take on it.
        I could talk about stuff like that all day, but no one wants to hear it.
        Canada sells its resources to private companies to get rich, for a one time bump in cash they can grab, we should be a rich country, not in the hole of debt.
        Free education, health, housing for everyone, but no…couldn’t have that happen. They give money to other countries but won’t take care of their own.
        Notice how we all invade countries “to save them” all have resources, ones that don’t…we won’t touch.

      • A sore point with me is the world bank and the IMF who
        claim it’s all about helping third world countries when
        it’s about resource grabs.
        Sure they’ll lend a country money but that countries
        resources have to be put up as collateral and follow
        a list of dictates designed to benefit the lender.
        I’ve often said it’s a good thing to help a nation but
        if it’s about “nation building” and equal effort should
        be made to build one’s own nation rather than the wealth
        of a select few.

      • Yes, and how they give them electricity, loan them the money for it, knowing people can’t afford it, then call in the loan payment. Then take what they can in lieu of it. Leaving the people with no electricity because they are too poor, no job to pay for it.
        We don’t have friends, we have interests, or we would be helping everyone that needed it. It is only places that have benefits that we help.

      • “We don’t have friends, we have interests, or we would be helping everyone that needed it.
        It is only places that have benefits that we help.”

        Resource wars – in view of the rare earth mineral deposits in Afghanistan I imagine that is
        part of the equation – to extract them or any resource stability is essential.
        People aren’t generally aware of the fact that goal when burned produces mercury that then
        rises into the air and falls back to the land an water – though I don’t have the statistics
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the coal industry is the largest producer or mercury as this
        administration wages it’s own resource war to obstruct alternative energy development in
        favor of a dying fossil fuel industry.

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