1. Well said, once again. I do believe in a higher being, but do not believe any God would call for violence of any kind. Men wrote the books, which I believe were the first politicians/law makers of the time. That was their version of controlling the population. Just my opinion. They could not add more to the commandments so they had to think of something else to extend the rules.
    “The meek shall inherit the earth” should have been the first red flag. 🙂

    • From a purely historical perspective it isn’t difficult to acknowledge
      that while there are good men there are also at least an equal number
      of bad men – within that historical context I can’t really say with any
      conviction that I am surprised by what men have done and are capable of
      Among the nations women have always been seen as life givers and it is
      beyond my comprehension that a woman, any woman, would participate in
      the murder of her own child.
      I think it’s foolish to await the dawning of a mythical new age, every
      problem that humanity faces is by and large of our creation and the
      implication exists in that that if we create problems we can also solve
      It has to be about more than blind party allegiance and ignoring the
      flagrant flaws that exist within their respective ideology – it has to
      be about religious and political accountability, it has to be about
      something more than nationalism, ultimately it has to be about the needs
      and inherent birthright of people.
      People first, not religion, politics, corporations, greed, or avarice.

      • LOL! I was always thankful, even before I was in school, when I went to my mom to ask what a word meant or how to sound it out she would tell me to look it up in the thesaurus or dictionary. By the time I was in preschool I knew how to read and write.

      • Sounds like your mother had your best interests at heart.
        I think it’s equally as important for children to discover
        some things on their own as it is for being told.

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